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September 2017

I am told to “be more positive “ and “less complaining” so no more comments regarding the state of the roads, pot holes or even speed humps or police who vanish like snow in the morning sun…………………… Instead- look on the bright side, the glass is half full.

It is Summer time, the children are on holiday and the weather is good. We’ve seen and enjoyed another outstanding Carnival for the second successive year. Any brief loss of electricity was but a blip in the efficient afternoon of activity at the pavilion.

The Pavilion and grounds were so tidy and gave the impression that here was a community that took a pride in its appearance, together with its carnival and associated activities. Our thanks must be directed at PIDA and all those who have brought this about after several weeks of grass cutting and weeding in the evenings. So Thank You to all those people.

The official Carnival report appears elsewhere. Is it not reassuring to witness the arrival of this new family of even larger wind turbines progressing along the road from Carmarthen and up the hills at such an even speed, non-stoppable, steady and sure as light follows dark. All to ensure the chance of our being plunged into the cold and dark of winter is averted and swelling the size of the Community Fund. Now that surely is something to be pleased about?

Enjoy the remainder of the summer holidays and hopefully you will attend and participate in the Garden and Craft Show at the Pavilion on 9th September.

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June 2017

Following the audit on the speed humps in Alltwalis and the single one in New Inn, it’s good to see that some action has at last been taken whereby the “illegal” one in Alltwalis has been replaced with one conforming to the Department for Transport – i.e.3” or 75mm which was considered adequate. I wonder who financed this remedial action.

The road to the turbine site at Wern is still in a bad state, much worse than before the turbine was erected. What action, if any, is the “Enforcement Department” of Carmarthenshire County Council likely to take over the inadequate reinstatement of this road and the island? None I expect without pressure being brought to bear.

The flower troughs in the community have been good this spring and hopefully the summer displays will be equally successful.

There are still too many holes and bumps in the road between the Beehive and Twelly Garage.

Has anyone seen a representative of the Police in the villages lately despite a rise in the Police precept for the year 2017-18? The old adage of “the more you pay, the less you get” certainly springs to mind.

Following a most welcome dry April, could this be a precedent for a grand summer with events such as the PTA Fayre, Carnival, Garden & Craft Show and Chairman’s Bloomers to look forward to in the coming months.

Who says nothing happens in the Parish? Come on – participate, mingle and share in the competition and fun.

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March 2017

New Faces
At the meeting on 16th January, our AGM, it was particularly pleasing to welcome three new members of the Community, Hannah Phipps, Louisa Lovell and Ian Chapman. All made offers to help this group to appeal more perhaps to younger members of our society, while widening the concept of our actions and activities.
Accordingly Hannah and Louisa have created a Facebook Community Page, which will be coordinated by them with current news and activities applicable to the area covered by Clecs Bro Cader. Useful comments should be directed to them directly.
Troed y Rhiw Chapel in Alltwalis
At last this decrepit eyesore has been in receipt of some maintenance. Its tired, broken window frames have been boarded up changing the whole appearance of this once lovely building in the centre of the community to one that is little cared for.
How a chapel of all places, even defunct and privately owned, can be permitted to get into such a state beggars belief. Doesn’t anyone care about the history of these places? Think of the efforts that the community made in 1784 to establish and build such a place and the subsequent rebuilds in 1833 and 1897 – what an indictment for modern society.
All credit to the Community Council for ensuring that the grass in the graveyard is regularly cut in summer; otherwise this would doubtless become an eyesore too.
Now I see there is a banner on the gates sating “Love My Wales”, this appears to be a charitable building preservation trust which aims to restore buildings with a historical significance. Well done to them for caring.
Uneven Road Surfaces
Surely sufficient time has elapsed for the Highways Department to address and repair the road surface adjacent to and below the Beehive Inn in Pencader. There are water problems beneath the surface of the road, but it is time the bumps and holes were sorted out once and for all.

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This Small Corner

If any one wants a copy of Steve Dubé’s book on the history of Pencader there are some available at Llwyngwen. Originally for sale at £9.99 they can now be purchased for £7.50. Ring Stuart if you wish to buy a copy.

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