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Family Centre news

On Wednesday 6th June we are starting a new closed group for adults over 40 and who care for children in some way. You may be: a parent, a grandparent, a carer, an Auntie or an Uncle. We would like to give you and your children a warm welcome and invite you to a CLOSED session to join in with the activities and have a cuppa from 9 to 12.

We are also at present looking for suitable, willing volunteers to assist at the Family Centre, in three areas, to help with a garden project ( two hours a week, on a Tuesday morning), to help with the Food Co-operative (two hours a week on a Thursday morning starting in October) and someone to help with cleaning (two hours a week, on a Wednesday/Thursday afternoon). If interested please apply through the CAVS website. (

We are also planning to devote a couple of hours a week on a Tuesday morning for people who would like to use our laptops for job search, researching all types of benefit, and education, (CVs, research and so on), but not to use them for social media, gaming, or buying on line. If not sure, people should ask the staff for confirmation. Please phone 01559 384490 if interested.

Hen Gapel Graves

It is proposed to move the gravestones in the Old Chapel Cemetery, Pencader, and re-site near the wall.

Some of the gravestones are unsafe in their present form, and are over 150 years old.

Cylch Ti A Fi Pencader

Cylch Ti a Fi will be starting in Pencader Family Centre on Wednesday 2nd May 2012 at 9.30 am with Tracey.

For Parents/grandparents/carers and children age 0-4 years.