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An appeal for old photographs and any historical items

I am organising an Exhibition to be held over Whitsun Bank Holiday, from Friday May 26 to Monday, May 29 2017 at Yr Hen Gapel, Pencader on the History of Pencader.  For the first time we will be exhibiting the Model Railway of Pencader, constructed by Peter Blair from Lechlade-on-Thames, which was kindly gifted to Pencader by his widow several years ago.  As a result, part of the exhibition concentrates on the railway and station in the village, therefore I would like to appeal for any items with any connection to the station and railway at Pencader would be greatly appreciated.

 Do you, or any family members have old photographs, artefacts or any relevant historical items we could borrow, please?

  • General photographs of the village, especially demolished buildings
  • Individuals who live or who have lived in Pencader
  • Famous local people – singers, actors, recitation winners, bards etc.
  • Photographs from your school days, official or on school trips
  • Church, chapel, carnivals, trips, community group events
  • Weddings in the church or chapels
  • Photos or items from any local organisations, i.e Urdd, WI, Scouts, MYW
  • Poems, articles or books by or about any local locations or people
  • Memorabilia – badges, Eisteddfod cups, show prizes etc.
  • Adverts, receipts, invoices or tickets from local businesses
  • Posters, tickets, leaflets associated with local events, concerts etc.
  • Information re choirs, singing groups, recitation parties etc.

 Every item will be scanned or photographed and returned as soon as possible and displayed in the exhibition.  I would also like your permission to upload all photographs to the People’s Collection website, and to give electronic copies to Llanfihangel-ar-arth History Society for safekeeping.  If any local community group, church or chapel, would like to prepare their own exhibition, please let me know.  I can also help in scanning items if required.

If you have any items or can offer assistance, please contact

Morfudd Jones, Erw Hir, Pencader,

07989 520667 after 7pm

or phone Fioled on 07791146562.

Pencader WI

The year has started well. We are very pleased that Linda, Barbara and Rosemary have joined us and hope they enjoy the benefits to be had from becoming W.I. members.

In January, the Federation Annual Quiz was held at the Halfway Inn, Nantgaredig. One of the Pencader teams (Mary, Rosemary and Jane) did very well. They came 9th out of 53 teams. Congratulations to them! Last month Lesley Cutler from Llandysul W.I. came to our meeting and talked to us about Pearls. She brought some lovely jewellery for us to look at and explained the differences between natural sea water, cultivated and simulated pearls. We all enjoyed the talk very much. As usual we have an interesting programme arranged for the rest of 2017.

Our St. David’s day Lunch will take place on Tuesday 7th March at the Porth Hotel. Also in March, Pencader W.I. will be hosting the Teifi Group Meeting at Neuadd yr Ysgol, Llanfihangel ar Arth on the evening of the 17th . Group Meetings are always good fun, so we look forward to that.

On Tuesday 4th April, Vicki Hayes, (W.I. County Chairman) will talk to us about The History of Underwear. This should be interesting!

We have a day trip planned for Tuesday 2nd May, to see the Tapestry of The Last Invasion of Wales at Fishguard Library.

There are also many activities organised by the Federation which our members will be taking part in. These include:

  • Creative day (crafts include Quilling, Button work and Flower arranging).
  • Fashion Show
  • Spring Fair, with lots of fun competitions to enter.

So, if you would like to learn a new skill, enjoy interesting days out, make new friends or meet up with old ones, come and join us in the Pavilion at 2pm on the first Tuesday of the month.

You can be sure of a warm welcome!

Pencader Carnival

Clive Scourfield (Wales Air Ambulance Community coordinator for Carmarthenshire) accepting a cheque from Pencader Carnival committee – Cerys Cooke, Jody Williams, Carl Atkinson a Darren Horwood.

This money was raised in 2016 carnival.

There will be lots of information on Facebook regarding the Carnival under *Pencader Carnival 2017* or you may contact Jody Williams on 07891268009

Merched y Wawr Pencader a’r Cylch

The season started with a visit to the Craft Company Bodoli at Waungilwen at the end of September. Rhiannon, the owner spoke enthusiastically about establishing her business and we watched her create original and personalised frames with the pebbles and crafts. Over a cup of tea we had the opportunity to view her creative frames and other crafts as well as ordering and buying items.Gwyneth Alban, our President thanked Rhiannon for a very entertaining evening and wished her well for the future. The winner of the raffle was Ina Morgan. It was good to welcome two new members – Maud Evans and Janet Jones.

On October 31st we visited Gwinllan Llaethliw Vineyard at Neuadd Lwyd near Aberaeron. Siw the owner, with her sister Lena guided us through the history of establishing the Vineyard and the hard work of producing the red, white and rosê wines. The story of the Ship Llaethliw and how it came to be the logo of the Company was also very interesting. Gwyneth, our president thanked Siw and Lena for a very entertaining evening and for the opportunity to taste the wines. She wished the Welsh, West Wales based Vineyard well for the future. We completed the evening with a light buffet at The Feathers Hotel, Aberaeron and a short business meeting.

A Team from the Branch will be competing in the National Quiz Competition at the Halfway Hotel, Nantgaredig at 7 o’clock on Friday, November 11th.

Our meeting in November will be on the 28th at Neuadd yr Ysgol Llanfihangel ar Arth at 7.30. Our guest will be Elinor Wyn Reynolds, Carmarthen.

Members of the Branch will be Carol singing at local Old People’s Homes around Christmas time and on January 30th 2017 two of our Branch members – Marina Davies and Yvonne Griffiths will be reminiscing over the History of Merched y Wawr Pencader a’r Cylch – a branch that was established nearly fifty years ago! This meeting will be held at Gwyddgrug Chapel’s Vestry at 7.30.

A warm welcome is extended to new members. For more details contact Mair on 01559384283.


Greetings Cards

Greeting Cards

Regeneration Group Greeting Cards

Letters to the Editor

October 2016


I would like to say what a wonderful day we all had on Carnival Saturday. The sun shone all day, it was warm and relatively wind free; the crowds were generous with their money and everyone was very happy with the new Carnival Committee.

There were five floats plus plenty of attractions in the stalls arranged around the field. It was a really good effort and next year is bound to be even better.

I know I am a bit late but I do want to say “Congratulations” all round!!

Sincerely Stuart Wilson, (Cwmgwen, Dolgran Road, Pencader)


December 2015

Dear Editor,

With reference to the sentiments voiced in the ‘Parish Pump’ section of Clecs, I have to agree with the writer that “Speed Kills” this has been proven beyond doubt on several occasions in recent months on the A485 between ‘Windy Corner’ and Carmarthen. I too have taken part in various forms of motor sport over the years, but fortunately have managed to curb my enthusiasm when on the public highway.

If some of these ‘speedsters’ were to leave for work 10 minutes earlier, they would be able to drive at a more sensible pace, arrive feeling less stressed, and in time to enjoy a cuppa before starting their work. I think this would be preferable to spending time in A&E or even worse!!

Maybe the ‘speedwatch’ initiative being introduced by the local police and community volunteers will have some effect.

Drive safely,

Concerned motorist


Dear Editor,

I am writing in reply to a couple of issues that have been mentioned in the last issue. The first is speeding…if a car is going through the village at 50 mph it has either slowed down or is speeding up. Either way that same car on the roads outside of the village will have been going really fast.

I live near to Windy Corner and on quiet evenings and early mornings I can actually hear some of the cars and motorbikes accelerating as they exit the village and when they pass my gate they have to be travelling in excess of 80mph. Obviously the 50mph speed limit has had no affect on these individuals.

Even at busier times of day living on the outskirts we have to contend with other issues, one of the main being slow moving, heavy vehicles followed by frustrated drivers just itching to overtake, which they do without safety in mind. Are they doing 50mph when they overtake.. not a chance.

The Windy Corner end of the B4459 has now become somewhat of an accident zone with the Air Ambulance having to attend three accidents in the last 12 months, a couple of which had fatalities.

Driver impatience took the mirror off my neighbours parked car. You measure that distance and see how close the car actually skimmed past him, frightening.

People keep requesting a footpath between the village and Tremle House because of the increased traffic flow but these same pedestrians do not help themselves. I often drive from my home into the village and I see walkers on the wrong side of the road. The majority are wearing dull colours so they blend in with the foliage.

Perhaps it is a new ploy…I cannot be seen therefore I cannot be run over! It is a very dangerous practice. I have to date only ever seen one woman wearing a fluorescent jacket walking down that stretch of road and as it was intended, she stuck out like a sore thumb. With the nights drawing in and afternoons being dull, fluorescent jackets or safety vests are really something every pedestrian should have and wear. You can buy them cheaply now from many places.

The council could replace 5o benches in the village and that would not even come close to the cost of widening the bridge, something that they should have done when they rebuilt it and something that will need to be done to create a footpath. All councils are crafty in the way they operate. As I said, they had the opportunity to widen the bridge but did not.. why not? The bench replacement…it was nowhere near the cost of putting down a pavement but it could have lowered the spendable budget just enough to make the footpath unaffordable! You know how they work, if something is going to cost them £50 they will not start the work with only £49 to spend so by simply not spending £1 they save £49. I do not know what is in the coffers but I do know that swapping the benches would have certainly have dropped that amount. By enough to stop a footpath being built…your guess is as good as mine.

They installed a zebra crossing situated in the wrong location. It is hardly ever used where it is but if had it have been situated further into the village, perhaps by the small telephone exchange, it would have been in an ideal location for pedestrians However locating it where it was needed would have robbed it of the councils intended purpose. Installing a pedestrian crossing made them look as though they were providing for pedestrian safety but actually its purpose would have been to slow down incoming traffic. Putting it where it was needed and would be used, deeper into the village would have left the Maescader entrance exposed and more dangerous to exit. It is a practice not only done by our council but by many others…for them it is a two for one situation…make themselves look good in the public eye but really they are just meeting their own agenda.

These are my own opinions and assumptions, I have no factual evidence except using my own eyes and brain but after reading this letter I think that more people will see the light and realise how they are being ‘conned’.

Bryan C Perks, Pencader


Letters are welcomed on any topic of local interest. They will be printed in the language in which they are written. The right is reserved to edit or decline to publish any letter. Please be concise and supply your name and address.


 October 2015

To the Chair Person of local Parish Council        

Dear Editor,

I am writing a letter to inquire what prompted the Council to dispose of perfectly good quality benches and replace them with new benches. We had the original benches for years and they only needed a fresh coat of good quality paint that would have made them last for many more years. I inquired what they were going to do with the benches and was told that were going to be given to the surrounding football fields and parks. The majority of local people are deeply disappointed as this money should have been spent for a pavement as many local carers are risking their lives with traffic, please note that these carers are dedicated to caring for our local senior citizens that live in Tremle House.

Yours truly

                           Liz Beynon


Dear Editor,

Innocent Knitted Hat Campaign

So far over 300 hats have been knitted for the Age Cymru campaign. Many thanks to knitters, Gillian, Mrs. Griffiths, Joan, Catherine, Carol, Maisie and those people who have left packets of hats on my doorstep!!

I have yarn if anyone wants to have a go with the hat pattern below. There is no closing date, just keep knitting!!!!

Using 4mm ( No. 8 ) needles and any DK yarn -

Cast on 28 sts; knit 2 rows; starting with a knit row, work in stocking stitch for 12 more rows. Row 15: knit 2 tog. to end of row (14 sts); Row 16: purl 2 tog. to end of row (7 sts). Cut yarn leaving say 25cms. Thread the yarn through the 7 sts and remove from knitting needle. Tighten the yarn and sew the little hat together along the side seams. Once sewn, turn inside out.

Approximate measurements are 5 – 7cms along the bottom and at least 3cms high.

Frances Fuller

01559 384499


Letters are welcomed on any topic of local interest. They will be printed in the language in which they are written. The right is reserved to edit or decline to publish any letter. Please be concise and supply your name and address.


April 2015

Too Trusting                            

Dear Editor,

At 4pm on the 30th of January I was driving along the hill top road that the old Dragon Concrete works used to be on. The majority of it being single lane you do encounter other traffic and have to give way, sometimes reversing to a lay-by. This happened to me but unfortunately, as I pulled out of the lay-by, I found that I had a flat tyre. I reversed back to a safer spot and then tried to use a can of ‘Instant fix’ repair. No joy. Thinking that it might have done the job but not blown the tyre up I flagged down several people and asked if they carried a foot pump. I had a spare but was not well enough to fit it myself so in the end I called out the recovery people. While waiting for them to arrive, one person who I had spoken to earlier actually returned and offered to change the wheel for me but I explained the AA were on their way and he left. There are two points to this story: the first is to thank those who did stop and especially the fellow that returned. The second point is a bit more of a warning. In Wales, especially in this area, people are friendly, helpful and trusting, and it is the trusting bit that worries me. I am in effect a stranger standing in the middle of a very quiet lane, just before dusk, waving at the odd car when a young lady pulls up in her works van. We spoke through her wound down window and then without hesitation she jumps out, opens the van, a rental, to see if there was a pump inside. I could have been the Yorkshire Ripper for all that she knew but her rural upbringing probably never even made her give such a thing a thought. It is this naivety that worries me. In any city or big town in the country, with people and cars everywhere, the most that I would expect would be to talk to a driver through a small gap in the window, and even if they could help, they would probably refuse to. This is because those city dwellers are knowledgeable of the risks they are exposed to daily. All I am asking is that people in our area be aware, never put yourself in a situation where you could be at risk, no need to worry all the time but just think twice and ask yourself this question before you act…”Am I putting myself at risk?” This applies to everything from stopping for a stranger to simply opening your front door.


Bryan Perks



Letters are welcomed on any topic of local interest. They will be printed in the language in which they are written. The right is reserved to edit or decline to publish any letter. Please be concise and supply your name and address.


December 2014
Cais am gymorth

Annwyl Olygydd,

Sgwn i a fyddech yn gallu fy helpu. Hoffwn i blant a myfyrwyr Ysgol Gymraeg yr Andes Trevelin ac Esquel ddod i adnabod pentrefi, trefi a dinasoedd Cymru yn well, ac felly buaswn wrth fy modd petai pobl Cymru – unrhyw un sydd â diddordeb – yn anfon cerdyn post atom ni o lle maen nhw’n byw yn cynnwys ambell i frawddeg fach am y lle dan sylw. Gallwch eu postio i Ysgol Gymraeg Esquel, i Ysgol Gymraeg Trevelin, neu’r ddau os ydych chi’n dymuno.

Dyma’r cyfeiriadau:

Ysgol Gymraeg yr Andes Esquel,               Ysgol Gymraeg yr Andes Trevelin,

Centros Galeses de la Cordillera,              Casa de la Capilla Bethel,

Rivadavia 1065,                                         Trevelin 9203,

Esquel 9200,                                              Chubut,

 Chubut,                                                     Patagonia

Patagonia,                                                  Argentina



Denise Davies


Letters are welcomed on any topic of local interest. They will be printed in the language in which they are written. The right is reserved to edit or decline to publish any letter. Please be concise and supply your name and address.


Welsh couple featured on George Clarke’s The Restoration Man finish their eco home after SIX years – Wales Online

Welsh couple featured on George Clarke’s The Restoration Man finish their eco home after SIX years – Wales Online.

Wind Turbine will affect TV reception

The new 67m high, 500kW ‘Wern’ wind turbine will soon be erected about one mile from Pencader, overlooking Cwm Tyweli,.

A report has been published in planning application W/32909 which shows that up to 30 households in Cwm Tyweli and particularly in Llanfihangel-ar-Arth are likely to have their Freeview television reception affected. This is because the wind turbine will be in direct line with the Preseli transmitter.

In these locations the presence of unwanted signal reflections and interactions from the rotating wind turbine blades could disrupt Freeview reception. Satellite television should not be affected. Interference with HD television is more likely to occur.

The report suggests that affected Freeview viewers could use digital satellite reception to restore their services, but not all terrestrial channels are currently available via satellite.

Previous versions of the TV report [Baseline TV Signal Survey and TV Reception Impact Assessment] are still available for download on the County Council’s Planning web site. The changes have been obtained that mean that the turbine’s operator, now stated to be a company in Helston, Cornwall will respond to complaints. Complaints will be investigated and if found to be valid the developer will fund the work needed to restore residents’ reception. The waiting period was 3 months but in the latest document, [Amended TV survey] dated 14/4/2016 this has now been amended to 4 weeks. This amendment has yet to be approved and will go before the Planning Committee on Thursday 28th April.

Please click on the links to download the report where you can see a map of the affected areas and more details on how to complain.

Pencader Clean Up Spring 2016

In keeping with the rest of the UK and the campaign to “Clean for the Queen”, the Group’s spring clean up was held a bit earlier this year.

Thirteen volunteers came along to help on Saturday 5th March and others unable to come on the day had “done their patch” the day before. Between them 23 black bags and 8 blue bags of litter and rubbish were collected. and everyone noticed how much less litter there was this time. This was one of the highest amounts collected since the Group started having regular clean ups in 2008.

At least it was a dry and reasonably sunny morning and it was especially good to have young Crystal coming along to help too.

Thanks must also go to Wendy for the refreshments that were enjoyed by the helpers upon completion.

 Stuart Wilson


Memories of the Old School, Pencader

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I was bemoaning the fact the other day, how there is nothing on television that is of any interest to me when I happened on something that was of interest. It was “The Restoration Man” Visiting Pencader and showing how two people bought the old school, restored it and made something really marvellous of it. Why was I interested? That was the school I attended from the age of seven until twelve, when I went on to the Grammar school in Llandyssul.

 I have lived on the Gold Coast in Australia for a long time now, I have no one to speak Welsh to, yet I surprise myself how, much I remember, how “homesick” I feel whenever anything Welsh appears on TV. Halfway through the “Restoration Man” I was crying, there was the headmaster’s home, that’s where kitchen used to be, the boys playground was so dirty, we all (girls and boys), had to assemble there in the morning and after the lunch break, before marching into classes. The School was originally built on the site of an old castle–all these old memories came flooding back.It was good to see that something has been done to maintain the history of Pencader.

 Diolch yn fawr

 Cofion Cynnes,  Constance Glyde or as I was known in Pencader, Connie Davies.