Cheaper Electricity offered by Energy Local

Energy Local is transforming the electricity market for communities and small-scale renewable generators. Our mission is to help communities get more value from small-scale renewable generation by using the electricity locally.

The way it works is that you can buy cheaper electricity direct from those generating solar energy in the area.

It reflects local renewables’ true value and keeps more money local.

Energy Local co-operatives have already been formed in several areas of Wales, including Corwen, Crickhowell and Bethesda.

A new Energy Local co-operative is forming in this area.  Please see map below for areas included.

The scheme covers the area supplied from the Llanllwni distribution substation which includes Capel Dewi, Rhydowen, Pontsian, Cwrtnewydd, parts of Llanybyther, Llanllwni, parts of Gwyddrug, and Llanfihangel-ar-arth.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, which is, unfortunately, limited to the first 80 households that sign up, please register your interest at or email if you would like to find out more.

Please note that there is no payment required to register your interest – it is like changing electricity providers.  Also, once registering your interest, there is no obligation to follow through if you later change your mind.  The move to Energy Local does not take place immediately, so please be patience after you have registered, as it typically takes several months to put everything in place for an Energy Local to ‘go live’ in your area.

Don’t miss this chance to reduce your electricity bills and use locally produced renewable electricity.


Message from Cllr Linda Evans

Message from Cllr Linda Evans

Following months of closure, by now many holiday and leisure businesses are opening their doors once again, staff returning to work, daily pattern of life changes within families and everyone trying to find some normality. Yes, we are all looking for the new normal.

Through the next uncertain period we should all appreciate what’s important and how valuable it is to share time with family and friends. Being apart has affected every one of us – although we may not be prepared to admit it at times. Although technology has provided some of us with the ability to see each other there is nothing like the companionship and friendship between family and friends.

By this time of year many of us would have made plans for our annual Summer holidays and the weekends within in out calendars would include many activities such as Carnivals, Sport Days, Festivals and Shows just to name a few – for this year again the calendars will be emptier than usual.

Yes, the pandemic kept us apart – together we can see the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer.

Remember you are welcome to contact me any time.

Take care all!



07792 199161


Message from the Editor of Clecs Bro Cader

Message From The Editor

Now that we are able to mix more freely, vaccinations have been received, schools, shops and work places are re-opening we can only hope that people will be sensible about getting out and about again.

It is still important to still keep your distance and wash hands to avoid any risk of transmission. The past year has been very difficult for so many people; now is the time to pull together and continue to support each other and our community.

This area has been incredibly lucky to have had fewer fatalities than some parts of Wales.

Let’s keep it like that.  

Nature Notes

Nature Notes: June

And, just like that, we’re in Summer and the longest day is nearly here. Whilst we may have been a little distracted by being able to get out and do more, nature has been getting on with its most productive time of year – the breeding season. If you’ve woken up early and popped your head outside recently, you’ll have heard the most spectacular dawn chorus – birds of all shapes and sizes signing as loud as they can to attract attention from the females of their species. At our house we’ve been watching some busy blue tits and house sparrows making nests and then – both can have more than one brood of chicks per year and each brood takes around 3 weeks to fledge. Blue tit parents will be busy in those three weeks – an average sized brood of chicks needs around 10,000 caterpillars and other invertebrates to get it to fledgling age!


Wildflowers start to bloom this month – foxgloves, ragged robin and oxeye daisies will all appear this month, starting to fill any wild spaces with colour. It’s really important to try and leave some space to go wild at this time of year so wildflowers have a space – we need them to support our pollinators, including bees, moths and butterflies. Pollinators are in decline because of a lack of food, due to the use of weed killers and people’s keenness to mow the grass short. However, we really need them to pollinate flowers and crops, so try and be a bit less tidy this year and leave a space for wildlife to thrive.


Environmental tip of the month: Shop local After a year of staying in our houses we’re making the most of socialising and being outside. But barbeques and picnics can make a lot of waste – reusable barbeques, food in plastic, drinks in bottles. So, as well as buying yourself a reusable barbeque, why not make a trip to your local butcher for the meat on your barbeque – higher quality, supporting a local butcher, and now some butchers are happy for you to bring your own containers to put your purchases in.


Morgan Jones

Nature Notes: Spring

April brings the start of Spring proper, with birds, bees, flowers and trees getting into full gear. The dawn chorus is at its most wonderful (if you’re up that early), and birds are busy building nests and feeding young. Bees are making the most of the Spring flowers, especially the dandelions that provide the first proper nectar source of the year. Wild garlic and wood anemones carpet woodland floors, soon to be replaced by swathes of bluebells. Hedges are coming into leaf, with vibrant new green leaves that are still delicate and susceptible to frost. Ponds are also coming alive, with wiggly tadpoles and the first invertebrates such as pond skaters making an appearance as the water warms. You may even see the odd Peacock butterfly basking in the first sun, as long as April is not too full of showers.


Over the next few months fruits trees will blossom and our summer visitors will arrive – a welcome sight after a cold and windy winter!


Environmental tip of the month: Are you a ‘google-er’? Did you know that Google is one of the most power hungry organisations in the world, with huge buildings full of computers ready to find the name of that song or the date of that important event for you? Whilst Google are carbon neutral, you can go one better – Ecosia ( is a carbon negative search engine and plants trees every time you search. At the time of writing they had planted over 1.2 billion trees around the world. By using them you can do something about mitigating the effects of climate change without leaving your house – the easiest kind of climate action! I’ve used Ecosia for around 4 years now, and now honestly find Google garish and horrible to use, so give it a go and stick with it.

Morgan Jones


Pencader WI

Women’s Institute

Yippee! On Tuesday 18th May we had our first indoor meeting for over a year. Our President, Rosemary welcomed everyone back after all the difficulties we’ve experienced. Avis gave an update on the programme for the rest of the year. This will remain flexible in case restrictions are reintroduced. It was agreed that towards the end of June we would have tea in Linda’s garden. After a refreshing cuppa, we all did a “Royal” quiz supplied by Julia.

As usual, the Carmarthenshire Federation have organised several events for us this summer, e.g. a fashion show with Pethau Olyv via Zoom, a walk in Abergwili in June and an Activity Day at Llangrannog in July when a wide range of activities will be on offer. These include a rope obstacle course, swimming, folk dancing, a climbing wall, zip wire, archery, abseiling, walking and netball. Sounds exhausting!

This year’s WI Show will be held in Kidwelly in July. There are lots of competitions for us to enter – cooking, arts and crafts, floral art and writing to name a few.

WI meetings usually take place in the Pavilion at 2:00pm on the first Tuesday of the month. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Linda Harrison on 01559 389882.


Clecs Bro Cader

Clecs Bro Cader 107

Clecs Bro Cader Community Newsletter

Online version of the latest edition is available here


Cae'r Felin School, Pencader

Well it was the end of a different term again and December was much quieter than usual.

This is a term we usually start transition plans with the Secondary school and this was no different from normal with Year 6 receiving a morning of live online learning with Bro Teifi through Teams and completing various activities.

We were once again fortunate in the generosity of Statkraft Wind Turbines. The grant helped reduce the burden of moving boards from class to class by having additional ones as well as buying bright green barriers to create a safe football area on the yard. The school council had started to collect money for this so thank you very much for contributing the rest of the money in order to make the pupils wish come true.

As a school we have won 4 Healthy School green leaves. A very suitable theme this term working towards the next leaf – Hygiene. Thanks to Covid we have already fully met a number of the requirements.

In order to continue with the Christmas spirits our cards and calendars were created, a sack arrived from Sion Corn and each class recorded a Christmas item which was uploaded on the children’s accounts for the parents to watch, and all this before we closed a week earlier than expected !

It would be nice to write today that we have welcomed our pupils back to school but this is not the case. However, teachers and pupils are busy preparing and completing daily lessons. I would also like to welcome our 6 part-time children who are now full time pupils in the school, 6 new children who have moved from other schools and 6 new part time children to school. As staff we can’t wait to get the pupils back into school to continue building and expanding their experiences.


Pencader Carnival Committee is proud to announce the purchase of two defibrillators for the village of Pencader from funds raised during the 2018 carnival. The total cost for both defibrillators was £2800 and have been sited one opposite the Beehive Public House and on the wall of the Premier Stores to allow both ends of the village equal access to a unit.


2019 Annual Report: Community Benefit Fund Statkraft Alltwalis Wind Farm

The 2019 Annual Report of the Community Benefit Fund administered by Statkraft Alltwalis Wind Farm is available to download.

Adobe Reader is required to open the PDF file.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader



To start the download, CLICK HERE.

Statkraft Annual Report 2019

Creative Workshops

Do you or does anyone you know live in the Brechfa Forest area?

If so, please read on and get involved by completing a simple survey to access free creative workshops over the coming months.

Arts Care Gofal Celf are thrilled to announce that we have received funding from Brechfa Forest West Wind Farm Fund in order to provide arts based activities for people living in the Brechfa Forest area over the next 6 – 9 months. We would really like the project to be guided by local people so your views really matter. If you would like to take part in free creative workshops, or if you are a professional artist living in Brechfa Forest, we would love to hear from you.

One of our multi talented artists who live in Brechfa Forest will deliver some of the workshops which could range from all manner of textiles to woodcraft or nature inspired activities depending on what you might like. We have a number of artists who work with us who could deliver all sorts of creative workshops from creative writing to dance or yoga, drama, sculpture, printmaking and more. However, we would also like to engage any local professional artists who may want to get involved and deliver workshops.

We would like this project to provide a positive splash of creativity at a time where COVID-19 is still challenging communities. The project could offer access to online workshop as well as face to face workshops in line with safety measures and guidance at the time. Again we would love to know what would work best for you in order to access opportunities.

We will soon announce a short series of taster sessions just to get you started in order to try a few different art forms and have your say on what else you might like. We would like any future workshops to meet your creative bucket list so please help us to provide workshops that will inspire and support wellbeing.

If you or anyone you know would like a hard copy of the survey posted out, then please just let us know at 01267 243815. Welsh copies of the survey are available upon request.

Please share with anyone in the Brechfa area who might be interested.

Thank you very much,

Rachel Project Coordinator at Arts Care Gofal Celf

01267 243815 (leave a message)

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