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February 2019

New Year Greetings to all readers of this column.
It is quite surprising, that despite the majority of people who claim to read the newsletter, how many there are who either don ’t read it or absorb what it contains and then say “We didn’t know about that event”. After all the effort to write the item, get it printed and then delivered, surely it is not asking too much for people to actually read it?

The district was alive with Christmas related events this year – Carol Singing, Christmas Tree Lighting, Christmas lights and parties galore – enough for everybody. All the organisers are to be congratulated in such a variety of events, while the Chapels and Churches maintained a solid and traditional grip on the true meaning of Christmas.
Little, if anything, has occurred during the past couple of months in Pencader and District. Although the recent ram raid and a drugs raid did produce some police activity over the holiday period.

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December 2018

I initially thought there was very little to comment about this quarter – how wrong I was. Thanks are extended to Dotti Hicks for producing the newsletter for a second time and she is to be congratulated on her first edition. The official Autumn Clean up that was to have been done in October had to be cancelled at the last minute on account of the diverse weather; in anticipation of this however much of the village had been done earlier in the week thanks to our regular die-hard litter pickers.

Remembrance Sunday, 11th November

This year being the centenary of the cessation of hostilities of the First World War, following the usual gathering at the village War Memorial this year there was a special bi-lingual service held at Tabernacle Chapel. This took the form of a remembrance service with readings, prayers and hymns delivered by diverse members of all ages from this community. Our thanks to the Chapel Committee for permitting this to happen.

Christmas lights

It is hoped there will be some increase in first time/new entrants this year with different designs and ideas. Judging will take place the week before Christmas. Efforts to trace the owner of a picture that had been restored by the late Jane Billington finally came to fruition recently, after many months of trying by Lynn. Lynn has generously donated the costs of this work to the Regeneration Group’s Garden & Craft Show to have a perpetual trophy in Jane’s name for some form of painting in any medium. Jane was a very talented craftsperson and it is good to think her memory will live on.

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September 2018

I had not expected to be asked to produce another missive regarding life, as I see it, within the parish. So, this will be brief and hopefully not infuriate the reader.

The highlight must be the super carnival held in glorious weather for the third year running. It was surely a stroke of genius that a real magician was there who absolutely enthralled groups of children all afternoon. Never have I seen, or would have imagined, that magic was so popular.

Thanks to the Carnival Committee for a great day.

Referred to elsewhere in the newsletter is the date for the Autumn Clean Up. It will be interesting to see if Carmarthen County Council promotes its politically correct policy “Pride in Your Patch” for the estates as they did last April; only to cancel it at the last minute citing “illness of the organiser” as the reason. After some thirteen years of “doing” Maescader I will apply myself elsewhere rather than embarrass them and the politically correct council.

My thanks to the new Editor for taking on the September edition of the newsletter and, hoping it continues, we all wish her well.

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This Small Corner

If any one wants a copy of Steve Dubé’s book on the history of Pencader there are some available at Llwyngwen. Originally for sale at £9.99 they can now be purchased for £7.50. Ring Stuart if you wish to buy a copy.

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