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Notes from the Garden Shed

June Notes

In this issue of Clecs Bro Cader, old Gumboot is hoping to generate more interest in the ‘Garden and Craft Show, which will be happening again this year in the Pencader Pavilion.

We have classes for many types of garden produce – vegetables, flowers, pot plants, fruit & flower arrangements. You don’t have to produce the ‘shiniest carrot’ or the heaviest mangold wurzel, but just enter the best that you have been able to grow, maybe you can outshine your neighbour this year, “Go on give it a try”

Now is a good time to start off your garden plot. This will give you time to produce some entries for the show. There is plenty of information available online regarding vegetable growing for the home gardener, so once again “why not have a go this year”?

There are also flowers and house plant classes, covering most of the popular garden flowers, so why not nurture a few of your favourites, and enter a class in the show.

Judging by the number of TV programmes and newspaper articles, there must be much larger numbers of cooks and bakers in the country. The cookery section of the show is as popular as ever, look at the show schedule to find what to bake for the show this year. I am sure that there will be something that you will be able to enter on show day, and maybe go home with a prize!

Artists, photographers and crafters are also able to enter the show; we have Children’s classes too in various age groups who normally come up with some excellent paintings and items in varous mediums that they have produced at home and at School.

There is a class for photographers again this year; the schedule will inform you of the subject and size of prints etc. Other classes include, woodwork, knitted items etc.

This year we have a new trophy for ‘artwork in any medium’ this will presented for the judges’ favourite entry in the artwork section, more details will be revealed in the schedule.

So you will find that there is something that most people can produce for the show, it is a “fun” show therefore we do not take it too seriously, we try to make it a friendly event that anyone in the Parish can enter, so again why not enter something this year and come along on the day to see what others are entering, and have a cuppa and a piece of cake!

Could all previous trophy winners please return their cups etc. well before the show, they can be dropped off at ‘The Green House’ where Avril will look after them.

Happy gardening,

Old Gumboot

April Notes

Old Gumboot is leaving his garden shed today, to wander down the lane, as he has been invited to inspect his neighbours’ new toy’. The ‘new toy’ is in fact a ‘little grey Fergie’ I suspect most people in this fairly agricultural area are familiar with the grey Ferguson tractor. Most farms in the area must have had a Ferguson tractor on the land at some time in the past, in fact some are still on their original farms today.

The little tractor that we are all familiar with was introduced to the farming community in 1946, the original model was powered by an American ‘continental’ petrol engine, developing about 35 horse power, which seems tiny compared with some of the 200 horse power giants of today.

The tractors were built in a collaboration with the Standard Motor Company, at their Banner Lane works in Coventry. This company had been producing cars and vans for many years prior to taking on the Tractor building enterprise.

The Ferguson TE-20 brought affordable mechanisation to the small farm, it was able to carry out most tasks around the farm using the vast selection of implements designed specifically for the tractor, and of course it could operate a wide range of older equipment that the farmer probably had on the farm. Some of this older equipment was originally used behind older tractors or even horses.

Roughly 500,000 of the T20 series of tractors were produced, with the final tractor leaving the production line in late 1956.

It appears that quite a high proportion of Harry Ferguson’s little marvels are still being used for work, and some are restored for display at tractor rallies and other shows.

I think old Gumboot may have to continue this story when he has had a good look at the tractor next door, he may have found a bit more information, which will hopefully be of interest to readers.

Happy gardening (when it stops raining !!)












This year instead of a Garden Competition, there will be recognition for the best or most interesting front gardens under the heading of “Chairman’s Bloomers”.

Judging will be through Spring and Summer up to early September. Everything that is visible from the road or public footpath, with no entry to the garden being necessary, is eligible. The display does not have to be flowers – the front garden could be planted as a vegetable garden if that is your choice.

Stuart Wilson (as Chairman) will be the judge and as he goes out and about on his travels, he will keep a watch on the various areas and draw up a list of possible contenders.

“Highly Commended” certificates will be awarded at the Garden at Craft Show on Saturday 9th September after the main prizes from the show are awarded.

Anyone can send in nominations, you can nominate your own garden if you want to – just contact Stuart Wilson on 384709 and leave a message and be sure to leave a contact number for him to get back to you. Or email janegriffithsuk@btinternet,com with your suggestions.

Good Luck!

Fun Garden & Craft Show

Buy your seeds and start planting and growing – the Garden & Craft Show will be held at the Pavilion of Saturday 9th September 2017. There will also be Cookery and Handicraft sections plus something for the younger members of the Community. This is an event in which all the family can take part. Full details and schedule will be in the next edition of Clecs Bro Cader.

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