We start the new year with greetings for all our Centre users and all the new families yet to take advantage of the Family Centre and all it has to offer.
As the moment of this going to press, we have an outing to see a live Sleeping Beauty presentation in Burry Port Memorial Hall, and we hope to follow this up with similar outings throughout the year.
All our trips are at minimal cost to centre users, and if you know of anyone who would benefit from an occasional day out to places of interest please get in touch.
We welcome visits at any time, the centre opening from 9 to 3 on Tuesday and Thursday and from 9 to 12 on a Wednesday.
We operate a cheap and good quality Food Co-operative every Thursday to help us all to follow a healthy diet!
Don’t forget also that we can offer informal computer training and practise.
Should anyone also wish to volunteer please also get in touch. Details in the Community Diary.