On January 3rd the poet Mererid Hopwood introduced her daughter who had studied women’s hair fashion in the Middle Ages. Those who were single were free to let their hair hang down but once they were married, it had to be covered. However, the covering became a work of art with intricately designed headdresses. If the wife, or her husband were rich enough, then the covering would include gold and jewels.

The vet’s talk on January 31st was postponed because of the threat of bad weather.

On March 7th Robin Huw Bowen talked about the triple harp. It was originally devised in Italy during the Renaissance and rapidly spread across Europe. However, by the nineteenth century it had disappeared except in Wales where it has become a national instrument. Unlike other harps it has three rows of strings. The outer two are tuned in unison and the middle provides all the sharps. Robin Bowen played a number of tunes to demonstrate this harp’s unique abilities.

The last three talks this year are as follows –

April 4th – Rev Mathew Beynon, Vicar New Quay, topic to be confirmed (in English).

May 9th – Mr Einon Gruffudd will discuss the Cynefin project to put on line every tithe map in Wales (in Welsh).

June 6th – Mr Owen Shires will talk about Folk Singing (in Welsh). The meetings are held in Neuadd yr Ysgol, Llanfihangel, and they start at 7.30pm. Admission is £3 which includes refreshments and a raffle. A warm welcome to everyone.

Y Garthen is now available at the ‘Green House’, Pencader