Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that six months have passed since we received the order to stay home and the lockdown began. So much has changed during this time, and although restrictions have begun to loosen and many of us have celebrated being able to see some of our friends and family again, this virus is still around us and our journey is not yet over.

The last six months have meant changes for us all, and for most of us that means working from home. I had to move my office from County Hall to the landing at the top of the stairs, and that’s where I am for County Council meetings and all other meetings – everyone seeing each other on the computer screen and seeing a bit more than we should from time to time in the background! This is where I’ll probably be if you contact me. For months now I have not been able to hold my monthly surgeries like I used to do, but I’m still here for you, you’re welcome at the door of my home any time, by phone or email.

Many of you have contacted me about broadband provision in your homes, and I have personal experience of having to move around the house to find the best signal many times! The County Council is keen to improve the situation and you will see an advertisement from the County Council in this edition of Clecs urging you to register an interest in being part of the Government’s plan to improve supply in our rural areas. The scheme is aimed at residents and businesses. Take the opportunity to read the ad and go on the web to register an interest – the more that register, the more likely we are to receive an additional supply. If you want to register to declare an interest – you must do so before the end of this month. If you would like further details, please do not hesitate to contact me or the County Council.

Continuing to use local services is important in sustaining our community. It is pleasing to see that the bus service is steadily improving in terms of timetable -and please – don’t forget to wear that mask wherever you are!

I’m still confident after the lockdown that the sense of togetherness will continue; I think it’s taught us all the true meaning of community.

Remember I’m here and I’ll do my best to help you.

You can contact me on – 07792 199161 or

Stay safe!

Kindest regards,

Linda Evans (County Councillor)

Next Event Local History Club

In March, before the lockdown, Mary Thomason told the Llanfihangel-ar-arth and Parish Local History Club about her remarkable great uncle, John Pryce Jones. He was an illegitimate child who was born in 1894. He was brought up by his aunts in Bryn Hafod, Pencader. He went to the village school and then Llandysul Grammar School. He studied in Aberystwyth University and received a degree in physical chemistry.

After serving in the Navy in World War One he went to work for the Reckitts company in Hull where he did a lot of research on pigments and became famous for his work. He also had an interest in bees and studied the properties of honey.

He was honoured with FRIC and FLS. He married in 1921 but sadly his son died by falling through ice when he was 19. After retiring John Pryce Jones moved to Boncath and died in 1956. There are more details about him on the website

Because of the virus we had to cancel the rest of our programme as well as our annual historical trip. Hopefully we can restart sometime in the autumn and reschedule the three talks that were postponed. More details will be available in the newsletter and the website above once they are available.

Nature Notes

Nature Notes: Autumn

Autumn seemed to come almost overnight this year – one day it was hot and sunny, the next the temperature had dropped, the leaves were changing, and I had to dig out my coat for morning dog walks. Our trusty robin has fought off its opponents and is the only one joining me as I garden now, and the last of the bees are still busy collecting food from the cat mint which is coming to an end.

We’ve cut our lawn for the one and only time this year, pleased with the wildflowers that have sprung up since last September. Our squashes are turning orange, and our autumn raspberries are in full swing. If you can find an uncut hedge there are sloes and blackberries aplenty (although they’re coming to an end soon), and there are hazelnuts to collect if you can find a good spot. It is the time of year that nature starts to slow down and ready itself for winter.

Look out for hedgehogs on the roads and in your gardens – they’re in serious decline and we need to do all we can to keep them going – look at making a hedgehog highway (a little hole in the bottom of fences to enable them to get into your garden) and slow down on the roads so you can avoid squashing them. Remember they’re great slug controllers, and a hedgehog is better than slug pellets in all senses! As we get near bonfire season remember to turn over any piles before you light them, to make sure no hedgehog has set up home there.

Environmental top tip

Leaves are falling from the trees, and sometime piles of leaves may need to be moved. Whilst leaf blowers are an easy way to move leaves quickly, as well as being noisy, they have a huge impact on insect populations, which are already in massive decline. Avoid them as much as you can, with a garden rake and gloves much less likely to damage and kill important insects (it isn’t just bees that pollinate plants, and bats rely on insects for food). Or, even better, just leave as many leaves where they fall, or add them to your compost heap – leaf mould is great for your garden, and leaf piles provide a vital place for wildlife to overwinter. Whilst in some places a bit of tidiness is needed in green spaces such as gardens, hedges and verges, it is responsible for huge decline in wildlife, and a bit of untidiness should be embraced and celebrated!

Morgan Jones


Family Centre news

As with all of us at this time, the Family Centre is coping with the virus as well as we can. The centre has been closed since late March, and up to this moment (6th July) no directives/guidelines have been given by the Government regarding the reopening of Family Centres, so we have to be patient.

It has been a frustrating time, and we have tried our best to keep in touch via phone, through a dedicated Facebook page, messenger and email service – which is Families are invited to let us know if we can assist them and if we can help we will.

We have been able to visit some families at a distance whilst supplying craft kits (through a grant from Community Foundation Wales) and families should be receiving two new books in July generously donated by Book Trust Wales. Some supplies have also been delivered by Netty and we thank her for that.

We have been given lots of useful educational and health links which have been posted on our Facebook page and it is worthwhile having a look at them if you need ideas about what to do at home with the children.

So, wishing all of you well. It seems that Pencader hasn’t been seriously affected by the virus and let’s hope it stays like that.



Merched y Wawr Pencader a’r Cylch

February 2020

Members attended our annual St David’s Day celebration at a lunch at Gwarcefel Arms, Prengwyn on the 25th February, 2020. All were warmly welcomed by the president, Mrs Fioled Jones. In particular, she welcomed two brave husbands, Tom Lewis and Dafydd Jones and our guest speaker, Mrs Anne Thorne, Llanllwni.

After the meal, Mrs Jones officially welcomed the speaker and made particular reference to her past participation in Merched Y Wawr national competitions. Mrs Thorne is originally from the Neath Valley but she and her husband, David, have made their home in the area and raised their children here. They have both worked very hard to promote and further Welsh language, history and culture.

We had such an interesting afternoon, learning about the history of one of the prominent women of the Neath Valley namely Winifred Coombe Tennant. The reference for some of the information was a book by Peter Lord entitled Between Two Worlds. Winifred was born in 1895 and received a good education which included schools in Italy and France. She married young to an older man who was very wealthy and led a privileged life. However, she worked very hard in her community and had a great interest in many things including the Eisteddfod and the world of Art, being a patron of the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. She also worked in the field of Women’s Suffrage.

The above only gives a flavour of our afternoon’s talk by Mrs Thorne. If you have a chance, do go and listen to this story or find the book for yourself; it really is fascinating.

Mrs Fioled Jones thanked Mrs Thorne for the interesting story heard during the afternoon.

Our next meeting will be at Capel Nonni, Llanllwni on 30th March at 7 o’clock when Non Elias from Melysion Mam will be joining us.

Please contact: Fioled Jones – 01559 3846177

                        Gwyneth Alban – 01559 384344

                        Ann Phillips – 01559 384558



Movin Monkeez

P.I.D.A. Easter Competition


April 2020

This is indeed our 100th edition of Clecs Bro Cader. The Committee would like to sincerely thank all those who have contributed in any way to help us reach this milestone in our history – the many societies who contribute reports about their activities, the translators, the advertisers, the compilers, the printers and finally the distributors bravely going out in all weathers. As the relevance of Clecs becomes apparent, the number and variety of advertisers has become more diverse – local government, travel companies and a variety of businesses. Without the support and funding from Statkraft Community Fund it would be difficult to envisage how 100 issues could have been achieved. Once again we thank you for entrusting your faith in our ability to deliver the next 100 editions on your behalf.

Comments please to Stuart Wilson Tel: 384709

February 2020

So another year has commenced and after all the various Christmas concerts and entertainments we enter that period of anti- climax. Thanks to all the organisers and participants who provided so much entertainment and pleasure for those who partook.

The practice amongst some of the refugees over the past three years or so has been to rename their houses, usually to something completely irrelevant and having no regard to its Welsh origin, charm or history. This is often the first sign of worse to come in various forms, ranging from changing the landscape, uprooting trees and even agitating for road humps or other obstructions to hinder the traveller.

Refugees may be welcome but help the community you have chosen to move into and help make that community stronger. Doing nothing is not an endearing option.

No one commented on the absence of the God Slot in the last issue; I take the hint whereby heathens are among us.

Comments please to

Stuart Wilson Tel: 384709



This Small Corner

If any one wants a copy of Steve Dubé’s book on the history of Pencader there are some available at Llwyngwen. Originally for sale at £9.99 they can now be purchased for £7.50. Ring Stuart if you wish to buy a copy.

Comments please to –


or Stuart Wilson – tel: 01559 384709

Pencader WI

Our September, socially distanced, meeting was held outside the Pavilion. We all took our own chairs to sit on. This was the first time we’d met up since the beginning of March and it was lovely to see each other after all that time.

We welcomed Kirstine, a possible new WI member, to the meeting. Good to see a new face.

Our October meeting was held in Rosemary and Mike’s barn at Llaingyfre. Only six members braved the weather to attend the meeting, but they still managed to raise £20.70 at their Bring and Buy sale. Due to Covid restrictions, there was no AGM in November. However, our 3 Officers have all agreed to continue in their roles for another year and we are very grateful for all their hard work.

They are: President…………………Rosemary Richardson

Secretary ………………..Linda Harrison

Treasurer ………………..Madge Pratt

In normal times, meetings take place in the Pavilion at 2:00pm on the first Tuesday of the month.

If you are interested in joining the WI, give Linda a ring on 01559 389882. And don’t forget, you can look us up on Facebook now.

Regeneration Group meeting

November 2020

A short meeting was held at the Pavilion on Monday 17th November at the earlier time of 4:00pm and it was good to see familiar faces again, even if at a distance of two metres.

Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held in July were agreed and signed.

Financial report was distributed; bank mandates had been changed for new signatories. It was agreed not to increase advertising rates in Clecs Bro Cader for a while longer as advertisers are having a hard enough time in the current pandemic; those who had been unable to work during lockdowns have had their pre-paid run extended.

A new grant application for funding the next two years of the newsletter needs to be compiled and submitted to Statkraft.

The website has been updated with items from the recent editions of Clecs.

It was agreed that in common with other community groups that the AGM due to be held in January 2021 will be postponed until such time as larger groups are allowed to meet up. Existing officers will remain in post until then. The next meeting will be held at the Pavilion on Monday 21st December at 4:00pm.

If you wish to support the community we would be delighted to see new faces.


Could you support us?

The Pencader and District Regeneration Group is keen to have more people supporting its activities.

You can read the Chairman’s Report for 2019 HERE.


Please come along.

“ Clecs Distributors are urgently needed for Pencader village – if you enjoy walking and meeting people and would like to help please contact Jane on 01559 384187 or Stuart 01559 384709”


Our meetings would normally take place on the THIRD Monday in the month in the Pavilion, Pencader, at 7:30pm.


The next meeting will be held at the Pavilion on Monday 21st December at 4:00pm.

If you feel you would like to join the Group, please come along to the next meeting – held at 7.30 at the Pavilion on third Monday of the month.

February 2020

A few complaints had been received about an article in the last edition of Clecs; it was agreed that it must be made clear in Clecs Bro Cader that the views expressed are those of the writer and not the Group or the editorial team. The Community Facebook page now had 345 members,an increase of over 30 from last month. Stuart & Chris will go and see about hiring the school as the venue for next Garden & Craft Show in September as running out of room in Pavilion now. Need to meet up and arrange schedule.

January 2020

The evening began with the AGM, Stuart read out his Chairman’s report (a copy can be seen on the website) and thanked all for their support in the year. No nominations received for changing Officers, so it was proposed and seconded to keep the officers as they are. The usual monthly meeting then followed. Morgan had met with Keith and Jane and was happy to help with Clecs Bro Cader. Suggestions needed for the 100th issue in April. There had been a problem accessing the Welsh version of the website, Emma had done a temporary fix. It had also been pointed out that Parish Records are no longer held at the National Library as they have been returned to the Parish. These are available for inspection at Llanfihangel Vicarage at a charge of £22 per hour.







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