Saturday 27th October at the Pavilion

This was a huge success with children and parents alike. Many pumpkins were reduced to crazy smiling faces with help from Louisa Lovell and Chris Fuller while Frances Fuller explored the use of pumpkins as flower containers complete with oasis and flowers.

Louisa also had a table where “slime” was being produced in industrial quantities at one point. There were two lucky dips in operation all afternoon which needed frequent topping up.

The party afterwards was the remit of Hannah Phipps who managed to produce a wonderful selection of special Halloween cupcakes beside the traditional (I am told) party fare. Following tea the party commenced with a mini disco, smoke machine and lights plus noise in abundance. It concluded with “sit down” party games to calm the proceedings before going home time.

Louisa, Hannah and I would like to thank all who helped make this such a lovely occasion, we all enjoyed it and it will be repeated in 2019.

Stuart Wilson