It was a lovely surprise to get a response for help with the upkeep of the Panel Area just past the Pavilion after appealing for help in the last issue.

A huge thank you to Leanne and her family for doing so much to make it look better, also thank you to the lady at Farmyard for donating some plants to brighten the area up.

Leanne was kind enough to offer to do something with the troughs that are looking so sorry for themselves, however this offer was turned down by the Community Council on the grounds they could not permit it due to their insurance.

So they think it better to leave them looking weedy and neglected and giving a bad impression of the community. They have not noticed that some of the other troughs in our village have been planted and maintained, or maybe they thought it was the Tylwyth Teg.

Thank you to all those who have commented that it is good to be having Clecs delivered in these strange times; never mind that it is a bit short of news. If we are sensible and careful, things will get back to a more regular pattern. We just have to be patient.