February 2021

What a year it has been for everybody. No-one can say that they have not been affected by Covid-19 in some way.

Many have lost loved ones in the most distressing circumstances when they cannot be with them to say goodbye.

It is also hard to imagine what the NHS staff and carers have seen and endured; sights too sad and awful to imagine yet every day they get up, go to work, do a superb job, and eventually get home at the end of a long shift feeling utterly exhausted and dispirited. To say Thank You does not seem enough, therefore we have to stick to the rules so that the case loads do not increase.

Many people have not been able to work or have been put on furlough causing all sorts of hardship. If they have been able to work from home, they have had to cope with home schooling the children. No-one can understand what someone else is going through because of the pandemic; thankfully there is lots of help and advice available.

Hopefully, once the vaccines are given we may start to get back to normal life but we have all learned a lot more about life that we had not bargained for in the past nine months.

Our community continues to support each other even if we cannot actually get together. Some groups managed to meet virtually with the help of Zoom and we are able to follow their activities with reports sent in to Clecs. The editorial committee is very grateful to all who have helped with keeping Clecs going in these times. It can’t be helped that issues are smaller than usual, but we have tried to keep everyone who reads it up to date with events etc.

Thank you to the Pavilion for a bit of cheer over Christmas with the Christmas tree and colourful lights; does the Community realise what an asset this facility is to the village? We can look forward to events being held inside and out on the field in months to come.

Thanks to the houses that had put their decorations up, though many of us were unable to go out and look. Sadly this year there were no prizes for best displays as there were not enough of the Regeneration Group able to go out and no one else had suggested it.

Look after yourselves and each other and I hope we will get together before too much longer.

December 2020

Sadly we are still unable to go out and about as we would wish, which means a shortage of news to put in Clecs, so I am sorry for lightweight editions.
We are extremely grateful for all contributions received, to the invaluable translators and also to those who then go and deliver copies in their area – some only have a
dozen copies, others have over a hundred, but we are very grateful to everyone who helps in any way.
Thanks must be given to our community shops; they have been absolutely wonderful during recent months, showing what a great community we live in.
We still have to be careful, the main thing is that everyone keeps to the guidelines – by keeping a distance, wearing a mask and frequent hand washing, we can help
each other.
Each family just has to do what is safest for them but hopefully everyone will have a Happy Christmas even if it will be a bit different to usual.
As we say goodbye to 2020 we can only hope that 2021 will bring some hope and will be kinder to all.