August 2019

Some very interesting work is being conducted adjacent to the housing association flats in the centre of the village. Thermal Earth is extracting heat from deep underground to be utilised in the flats. Children from the school have been visiting the site to see the drilling rig and allied operations and learn about renewable energy.

Several events have been organised by the Regeneration Group this year, the Board Games afternoon was the least popular but fortunately we provided our own children who had a very pleasant and amusing afternoon.

The Table-Top Sale could have been better supported than it was, but Storm Hannah with the torrential rain did not help.

The most recent event “Strawberry Tea” proved to be the most successful, with the added attraction of games and sports on the immaculately presented field.

Unfortunately, the rain arrived but it did not dampen the afternoon’s enjoyment as some games were moved inside the Pavilion.

As a Group we do thank you and welcome your support in helping to add to group funds.

The main attraction is being held on Saturday 14th September – the annual Fun Garden and Craft Show. The schedule for this is printed on the back of this newsletter so there is no reason for not knowing about it and certainly no excuse for not entering some of the numerous classes designed to appeal to all ages, tastes and abilities.

It is interesting to note that the speed humps removed from opposite the Space Loo have so far failed to reappear despite my predictions.

In future there is to be a “God Spot” at the conclusion of these columns, something for the reader to consider. Should any reader have something they wish to share, please let me know.

In the meantime, the first one is: 1 Peter, Chapter 3, verses 8 and 9

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June 2019

Just like the swallows (and in due course the house martins) the Space Capsule Super Loo has arrived for the second year running and sited adjacent to the public lavatories. While debate continues between ‘official bodies’ in Carmarthenshire County Council, thanks surely to the Community Council are due for facilitating  this.

It is noted that the two speed humps by the Farmers Arms have been removed – no doubt they will return or is this a step in the right direction?

A replacement planter for the Panel Area has been constructed and installed thanks to a kind-hearted local resident to replace the original oak one which some decided was beyond repair. The bench is due for refurbishment over the next few months when the new Welsh oak slats are to hand.

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This Small Corner

If any one wants a copy of Steve Dubé’s book on the history of Pencader there are some available at Llwyngwen. Originally for sale at £9.99 they can now be purchased for £7.50. Ring Stuart if you wish to buy a copy.

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