Regeneration Group meeting

Could you support us?

The Pencader and District Regeneration Group is keen to have more people supporting its activities.

The next meeting will be on Monday 21st October at 7:30 pm.

Please come along.

“ Clecs Distributors are urgently needed for Pencader village – if you enjoy walking and meeting people and would like to help please contact Jane on 01559 384187 or Stuart 01559 384709”


Our meetings take place on the THIRD Monday in the month in the Pavilion, Pencader, at 7:30pm.

If you feel you would like to join the Group, please come along to the next meeting – held at 7.30 at the Pavilion on third Monday of the month.

August 2019

This meeting was taken by Vice Chairman, Chris Fuller, although Stuart attended, he preferred to take a back seat this time.
The August Clecs had been distributed and adverts for a replacement Editor had been put around the area and on the Facebook page, in the hope someone will come forward and take on the role.
Plans for the Fun Garden & Craft Show were well underway. Chairman’s Bloomers had also been judged and winners will get their certificates shortly.
The Autumn Clean up will be held on Saturday 12th October; the Council will be asked for the usual equipment to be delivered.
There will be no September meeting so next one will be Monday October 21st.

July 2019

The Strawberry Tea had been a great success and the games were well  attended but after an hour the rain came down and curtailed the fun. Some activities were able to be carried out inside. Hopefully next year will
be better but it gave a much needed boost to the Group funds.
More work had been done on the website and it was now possible to monitor visitor numbers etc to the site and from which country.
The August edition of Clecs was almost finished and should be with the printers soon.

June 2019

Sadly, Dotti announced she would have to give up as Clecs Editor due to a recent major health scare, she was thanked by the group for all that she had done during her term as Editor.

 The June Clecs had been distributed and a flyer to advertise the Strawberry Tea afternoon had been put into each local copy. Final details for the Sunday event were discussed, prizes for the raffle would be needed and also cakes for the refreshments.

 Descriptive plaques had been bought for the Jane Billington Award. Stuart had spoken to the headmistress at school and she said the children would contribute artwork for the Show in September.

 Thanks to a local craftsman for replacing the slats on the oak bench at the Panel Area, it has also been scrubbed and cleaned. All the daffodils had been cut back and the planter replaced with summer bedding plants. There is some repair work needed to be done on the Interpretation panel itself but don’t know who to contact.

May 2019

It was nice to see a new face from New Inn joining the group. Work on the new  website continues, the new data had been uploaded onto the website, however quite a large amount had got ‘lost in transit’ and means a lot
more work for John and Emma to restore it. However the new site is now accessible by all devices including mobiles and tablets.
The schedule for the September Garden & Craft Show had been agreed and an item would be prepared for the front page to promote the Jane Billington Award. The schedule would be included as the back pages of the June and August editions of
Clecs Bro Cader.
The results from the Table-Top sale were disappointing, support was lacking from both sellers and people coming in the door. Louisa commented that not enough members come and help with new ideas and events. The Group has to move with the times to attract younger people from the community if it is to survive.


If you feel you would like to join the Group, please come along to the next meeting – held at 7:30 at the Pavilion on third Monday of the month.




2019 Fun Garden & Craft Show

The sun shone brightly on Saturday 14th September at the Pavilion when some 40 competitors brought in their various entries for this year’s Show. There were several new faces plus some faithful participants and it was a delight to see the paintings from the children from Ysgol Cae’r Felin lining the walls as you went in. There were 240 entries as well as many paintings from the school children. It had been a good summer this year and there were some wonderful entries on display, particularly the runner beans. As well as the colourful paintings and drawings there were some very imaginative robots and windmills.

The cup for the most points in the Garden Produce section was awarded to Eric Jones, Dwylan seen here receiving his cup from P&DRG Chairman Stuart Wilson





Janet Jones, Dwylan, won the Oliver Evans Trophy for the best entries in the Flower section.

The cup for the most points in the Handicraft Section was won by Edwina Davies, Davies Street, Pencader.





The Helen Rose Wilson cup for the highest number of points in the Cookery section was presented to Janet Jones




The trophy for Overall Winner with the highest number of points was won by Janet Jones




The Children’s prize was awarded to Elsi Williams.





The Committee would like to thank all those who helped in any way: PIDA for the use of the Pavilion, Premier Stores and Pencader Bakery for the refreshments to keep everyone going, all those who loaned tables and fetched and carried them, the Judges and Stewards for giving up their time, donors of cups and trophies and anyone else who helped towards the event. However our main thanks go to the residents of our Parish who proudly brought their entries to support this community event. Without them there would be no Garden & Craft Show, so thank you and we hope to see you all again next year.

Next Event Local History Club

On July 13th 15 members of the Llanfihangel-ar-arth and Parish Local History Club went on their annual trip to visit a number of historical sites, especially industrial ones. First we saw the Neath and Tennant canal and the tinplate works in Aberdulais. Then we went on to the ruins of Aberpergwm House, home of Maria Jane Williams (1795 – 1873). She made an important collection of traditional Welsh songs. The next stop was above Hirwaun on the Rhigos mountain where a cauldron from the Iron Age was discovered in Llyn Fawr. Next to it was Tower Colliery, the last to close in the area. On then to Penrhys which looks over the Rhondda Fawr valley and was the site of a medieval sanctuary. The last place to stop was the Rhondda Heritage Centre which displayed the history of the coal industry in the area, before we had a meal on the way home. It was certainly an interesting and enjoyable day.

 The programme for the next term is as follows –

October 10th – David Greenslade will talk about Surrealism in Wales (in Welsh)

November 7th – There will be a presentation by John Jones on the Characters and History of Ffair Rhos (in Welsh)

December 5th – Dr John Davies, Llandysul, will discuss the famous geologist O.T. Jones who went to Pencader Grammar School (in Welsh)

Meetings are held in Neuadd yr Ysgol, Llanfihangel, and start at 7.30pm. Admission is £3 which includes refreshments and a raffle. A warm welcome to everyone.


Clecs Bro Cader

Clecs Bro Cader 97

Clecs Bro Cader Community Newsletter

Online version of the latest edition is available here


Notes from the Garden Shed

October Notes

Every year around this time, when our bedding plant displays are still looking good, the postman drops a stream of bulb catalogues through the letterbox, it is at this point that you suddenly realise that summer is really coming to an end and that you need to focus on selecting bulbs for flowering next spring.

Daffodil and narcissus bulbs are the most popular, types for planting in our gardens, and are probably the most showy of the spring bulbs, except maybe the tulip family.

This Autumn I am going to plant a fairly short growing daffodil, commonly known as ‘the Tenby daffodil’ ( proper name Narcissus Obvallaris,) this variety is not so widely available as some, but it is a super little daffodil, ideal for naturalising in grass areas where it looks most natural without appearing too ‘domesticated’. If you are unable to obtain them locally they can be found on line at If you are lucky enough to also find the variety Narcissus Lobularis (the Lenten Daffodil) you will discover this little gem is as close as possible to the English wild daffodil. This is one of only a handful of daffodils native to the UK, and was reputed to be responsible for the poetic verses famously penned by Wordsworth. I find some of these smaller, less blowsy types can be just as rewarding as some of the more modern varieties, which in my mind tend to look almost ‘artificial’.

A carpet of crocus in flower is a most welcome sight in early spring. Crocus are equally good planted in a border or in a grassy position, but remember that you will not be able to mow where they are growing, which could make the area look untidy until they have died down later in the spring. Crocus are inexpensive smaller sized bulbs, which makes them easy to plant in bulk, to create impressive ‘drifts’ of the various colours available. There are of course many other types of spring flowering bulbs available from your local garden shop or online supplier. Now is the time to plant most species, preferably before the weather turns too cold and wet. Always try to obtain bulbs grown in the UK, as more and more are being grown here now. Also make sure that the bulbs have not been collected from wild sources but have been commercially grown.

Let’s hope you manage to produce an impressive display next spring in your beds, borders and pots.

Happy Gardening,

   Old Gumboot

August Notes

Watering the garden and greenhouse seems to take a lot of time at the moment. In fact, apart from weeding it seems to be the main job recently. I am sure it is the same for many other gardeners at this time. The sudden arrival of Summer along with record breaking temperatures has meant a record breaking number of weeds germinating meaning more hoeing between crops. Good weather this time of year is, of course, excellent for hay and silage making. The mowers, rakes, balers and wrappers have been working flat out for the past couple of weeks.

Old Gumboot is on his holidays at the moment, but has managed to add this plea to GARDENERS, CRAFTERS and COOKS to get busy preparing your exhibits for the annual ‘FUN GARDEN AND CRAFT SHOW’ in September. The schedule was printed in the last issue of ‘Clecs Bro Cader’ and is repeated in this one, and further copies will available from local shops etc. nearer the time.

Old Gumboot is looking forward to viewing a hall full of produce, craft work and baked items. As I have said before ‘come and view the exhibits on the Saturday Morning’ or better still ‘come and enter something yourself’.

Happy gardening

Old Gumboot

June Notes

In this issue of Clecs Bro Cader, old Gumboot is hoping to generate more interest in the ‘Garden and Craft Show, which will be happening again this year in the Pencader Pavilion.

We have classes for many types of garden produce – vegetables, flowers, pot plants, fruit & flower arrangements. You don’t have to produce the ‘shiniest carrot’ or the heaviest mangold wurzel, but just enter the best that you have been able to grow, maybe you can outshine your neighbour this year, “Go on give it a try”

Now is a good time to start off your garden plot. This will give you time to produce some entries for the show. There is plenty of information available online regarding vegetable growing for the home gardener, so once again “why not have a go this year”?

There are also flowers and house plant classes, covering most of the popular garden flowers, so why not nurture a few of your favourites, and enter a class in the show.

Judging by the number of TV programmes and newspaper articles, there must be much larger numbers of cooks and bakers in the country. The cookery section of the show is as popular as ever, look at the show schedule to find what to bake for the show this year. I am sure that there will be something that you will be able to enter on show day, and maybe go home with a prize!

Artists, photographers and crafters are also able to enter the show; we have Children’s classes too in various age groups who normally come up with some excellent paintings and items in varous mediums that they have produced at home and at School.

There is a class for photographers again this year; the schedule will inform you of the subject and size of prints etc. Other classes include, woodwork, knitted items etc.

This year we have a new trophy for ‘artwork in any medium’ this will presented for the judges’ favourite entry in the artwork section, more details will be revealed in the schedule.

So you will find that there is something that most people can produce for the show, it is a “fun” show therefore we do not take it too seriously, we try to make it a friendly event that anyone in the Parish can enter, so again why not enter something this year and come along on the day to see what others are entering, and have a cuppa and a piece of cake!

Could all previous trophy winners please return their cups etc. well before the show, they can be dropped off at ‘The Green House’ where Avril will look after them.

Happy gardening,

Old Gumboot


This year instead of a Garden Competition, our Chairman has been watching local  gardens as he has been out and about and certificates will be awarded to those he felt had shown a consistent display of colour.

Best Estate Gardens
Rose Davies 2 Maescader
Derek James – 55 Maescader
Irene Jones – 18 Maesderwenydd
Sue Jones – Cartrefle
Eric & Janet Jones – Dwylan
Gwyn & Delyth Griffiths – Delwyn

In the general opinion of the judges, there were fewer good displays this year;  watering had been a problem during the very hot spell. There were fewer
good basket displays. Having said that, there were a few highlights, do not be discouraged, try again next year.



October 2019

Many thanks to all those, especially from this group, who have so freely given me their time and support, over the past three months. You know who you are and I truly love you all (in my way!) for your kindness and support. By December I plan to be almost as good as new again. Improvements occur weekly I notice.

The defibrillators have started arriving and it is planned that there will soon be one near you. Watch for further details. The supply of these important machines is from several sources; I understand that Statkraft have supplied one in Alltwalis, one in Gwyddgrug and the one at Pencader cemetery. Other funding is supplying the remaining ones in Pencader, Llanfihangel and Pontyweli. New Inn has been fortunate to have had one privately funded by an anonymous benefactor. More information when it is known.

Autumn Clean Up Saturday 12th October, please meet up at the Pavilion at 10.00am in the effort to make a difference to your area.

Clarification– the Regeneration group is not a charity, never has been and never will be. Whatever profit we make at the events we organise (usually little) goes into general funds used for running the group. Insurance, venue hire and other expenses all have to be met. Of course if you are really concerned then you could come along to our meetings and see the financial report presented at each meeting. You will be welcome on the third Monday of the month at 7.30pm at the Pavilion.

God Spot – Acts 2 Verses 19 – 20

Comments please to Stuart Wilson Tel: 384709

August 2019

Some very interesting work is being conducted adjacent to the housing association flats in the centre of the village. Thermal Earth is extracting heat from deep underground to be utilised in the flats. Children from the school have been visiting the site to see the drilling rig and allied operations and learn about renewable energy.

Several events have been organised by the Regeneration Group this year, the Board Games afternoon was the least popular but fortunately we provided our own children who had a very pleasant and amusing afternoon.

The Table-Top Sale could have been better supported than it was, but Storm Hannah with the torrential rain did not help.

The most recent event “Strawberry Tea” proved to be the most successful, with the added attraction of games and sports on the immaculately presented field.

Unfortunately, the rain arrived but it did not dampen the afternoon’s enjoyment as some games were moved inside the Pavilion.

As a Group we do thank you and welcome your support in helping to add to group funds.

The main attraction is being held on Saturday 14th September – the annual Fun Garden and Craft Show. The schedule for this is printed on the back of this newsletter so there is no reason for not knowing about it and certainly no excuse for not entering some of the numerous classes designed to appeal to all ages, tastes and abilities.

It is interesting to note that the speed humps removed from opposite the Space Loo have so far failed to reappear despite my predictions.

In future there is to be a “God Spot” at the conclusion of these columns, something for the reader to consider. Should any reader have something they wish to share, please let me know.

In the meantime, the first one is: 1 Peter, Chapter 3, verses 8 and 9

Comments please to the Secretary
or Stuart Wilson, Tel: 01559 384709



This Small Corner

If any one wants a copy of Steve Dubé’s book on the history of Pencader there are some available at Llwyngwen. Originally for sale at £9.99 they can now be purchased for £7.50. Ring Stuart if you wish to buy a copy.

Comments please to –


or Stuart Wilson – tel: 01559 384709

Family Centre news

The Summer excursion to Manor House Park was excellent and enjoyed by all. Now that Autumn is here, there are new initiatives, one being a monthly story telling session with Gwyneth from Menter. Please phone the Centre for more details (01559 384490).

There will be a fun day/party on Saturday 21st September at St.Davids. It’s a special day; please get in touch if you wish to go.

The Food Co-operative is continuing as well and orders need to be in by 12:00 every Wednesday.

Save Easy is proving a success with more and more signing up to take advantage of the scheme. Come along between 2:00pm and 3:00pm every Tuesday to find out more.

We are very pleased that we have won 3rd prize at Llandysul Show for a poster advertising and promoting the show. Well done to the team of parents & volunteers who worked so hard on it.

All are welcome to come to the Family Centre and we look forward to meeting new families. It is open from 9:00am to 3:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday and from 9:00am to mid day on a Wednesday.

To find us, our post code is SA39 9BP, our email is, our phone is 01559 384490, and in the village, if coming from Carmarthen, turn left at the corner of the flower shop and we are 100 yards down on the right. Do feel free to see us at any time on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00am to 3:00pm and Wednesdays from 9:00am to 12:00 noon.

Pencader WI

There was no August meeting. Instead, WI members met up for a delicious afternoon tea at Ty Te, Cenarth. A very pleasant afternoon!

Congratulations to Barbara, who won 3rd prize for her amusing Limerick, “Homage to Edward Lear?” in this year’s WI Show in Carmarthen. Pencader WI won 2nd prize for bringing most entries to the show (from WIs with under 20 members). Well done everyone who entered something!

In September we welcomed John and Susan Macadam, who talked about making natural skin products. John and Susan live in Brechfa. They used to make and sell their products. Now they teach other people how to make them. They run 10 different courses on making various products such as soap, face cream, moisturizer, shampoo and scented candles. John was once a builder before he became interested in making soap etc, but they both obviously enjoy their work now. We were able to buy some gorgeous hand made soaps at the meeting.

Forthcoming meetings at the Pavilion:

October 1st: Risky Buildings – Richard Keen will talk about projects he’s been involved in.

November 5th: AGM

 You are welcome to come along to any of our meetings held in the Pavilion on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

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