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<!–:en–>2018 Fun Garden & Craft Show<!–:–><!–:cy–>Sioe Hwyl Garddio a Chrefft 2018<!–:–>
2018 Fun Garden & Craft Show
Posted 4 days ago

Saturday, September 8th dawned at the Pavilion when some 42 competitors brought in their various entries for this year’s Show. There were several new faces plus some faithful participants and…

2018 Fun Garden & Craft Show
<!–:en–>Autumn Clean Up<!–:–><!–:cy–>Glanhau'r Hydref<!–:–>
Autumn Clean Up
Posted 8 days ago

Further information from Stuart, telephone 01559 384709

Autumn Clean Up
<!–:en–>Notes from the Garden Shed<!–:–><!–:cy–>Nodion o Sied yr Ardd<!–:–>
Notes from the Garden Shed
Posted 27 days ago

September Notes
Notes from outside the Garden Shed
The door to my garden shed is not wide enough for a Land Rover to pass through. Maybe I will have to settle for…

Notes from the Garden Shed
<!–:en–>CHAIRMAN’S BLOOMERS 2017 <!–:–><!–:cy–>BLODAU’R CADEIRYDD 2017<!–:–>
Posted 410 days ago

This year instead of a Garden Competition, there will be recognition for the best or most interesting front gardens under the heading of “Chairman’s Bloomers”.

Judging will be through Spring and…

<!–:en–>Greetings Cards<!–:–><!–:cy–>Cardiau Cyfarch<!–:–>
Greetings Cards
Posted 412 days ago

Regeneration Group Greeting Cards

Greetings Cards