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Garden & Craft Show

Every year in Pencader we hold a fun crafts and horticultural show.

This is just a reminder to all gardeners that we are holding the Garden & Craft show as usual later in the year, so now is the time to get busy sowing seeds, planting out your seedlings etc. to bring on lots of entries for the show. More details in the next issue of your favorite local newsletter.

Come On – Get Gardening!!

Garden and Crafts Show – Saturday August 22nd 2015

Now that the season is in the decline and the garden and craft show is behind us, it seems like a good time to reflect upon this years show.

If you glance down the results listing in Clecs Bro Cader you will find the name Eric Jones appearing frequently. He produces vegetables of the highest quality, therefore his name deserves to appear in 50% of the classes. This year Raymond Lewis also did rather well in three of the classes. Many thanks to all who took part and congratulations to all the other entrants in the produce section.

The flower section was as popular as ever this year. There were some superb dahlias entered by Janet Jones; these were a new variety to us and really stunning. The rose section was more popular than usual with some notable entries from Mary Thomason, Janet Jones and Stuart Wilson. In spite of the rather poor summer all the flowers were of good quality.

The display of items in the cookery section was really mouth-watering this year: savoury items such as cheese scones and chutney, followed by chocolate éclairs and other sweet delicacies including jams and bottles of wine. For cake lovers there were some very tempting looking Victoria sponges; Gerald Coles surprised us all by winning the Victoria sponge class. The recipe for the prizewinning cake is included in the October issue of Clecs Bro Cader.

Winners in the handicraft section were Christine Harrison for knitted items and greetings cards, Julia Davies for her jewellery, Arwel for a wooden item and the winning photograph of a local landmark was taken by Sophia Trigwell.

The Children’s section was not so well supported this year, but some good work was entered from the Nursery and Reception class. Elinor Williams produced an interesting piece of artwork illustrating ‘her favourite animal’. From Years 5 and 6 Gwenny Radford produced the winning photographs of ‘an animal’. Gwenny also did well with her beaded and braided bracelets. The 11 to 16 year old age group entered a plate of 6 biscuits. This class was won by Lowri Davies, and the winning posy of wildflowers was entered by Sophia Trigwell. Hopefully more juniors will enter the show next year.

At this point the organising committee must thank Pencader bakery for providing us with yummy Welsh cakes which were enjoyed by visitors to the show. They went down well with the tea, coffee etc. provided by Marcel of ‘ The Premier Stores’ in the village. We must also thank those who so generously donated trophies and other prizes which made the raffle possible. The Vale of Towy Motor Cycle Club trials riders took part in an ‘off road mud plugging’ trial at Glanawmor Isaf Farm, Pencader. The profits from the sale of refreshments at their event were donated to the show by the Bushin family for which we are most grateful. We are indebted to Gerald and Wendy Coles for manning the signing-in table. They did a magnificent job, standing in for our Secretary Jane Griffiths who had a nasty fall prior to the show; hopefully the ribs are mending now Jane.

Lastly a plea for entrants next year, so please get busy making items during the winter, and growing produce next year. Let’s try to make it a bumper show in 2016.

Again very many thanks to all who helped or exhibited in 2015; – from the Show Organising Committee.

Garden and Craft Show Results

Garden Produce / Cynnyrch yr Ardd

Basket of vegetables
3 Potatoes
3 Leeks
1 Eric Jones 1 Eric Jones 1 Raymond Lewis
2  Anwen Williams 2 Gwilym Richards
3  John Thomas 3 Eric Jones
Runner beans
3 Tomatoes
Longest bean
1 Eric Jones 1 Raymond Lewis 1 John Thomas
2 Eric Jones 2 Eric Jones 2 Eric Jones
3 Margaret Williams 3 John Thomas 3 LynnBushin
3 Onions
3 Beetroot
Posy of culinary herbs
1 Anwen Williams 1 Eric Jones 1 Jackie Ritchie
2 Raymond Lewis 2 Eric Jones 2 Eric Jones
3 Raymond Lewis 3 Dianne Thomas

Flowers / Blodau

Foliage pot plant
3 Roses
Arrangement of mixed cut flowers
1. Olive Davies 1. Mary Thomason 1. Jackie Ritchie
2. Janet Jones 2. Janet Jones 2. Janet Jones
3. Stuart Wilson 3. Christine Carman
Flowering pot plant
5 Dahlias
A bunch of tree/shrub foliage
1. Janet Jones 1. Janet Jones 1. Christine Carman
2. Jane Griffiths 2. Janet Jones 2. Avril Clifford
3. Janet Jones 3. Janet Jones 3.Christine Harrison

Cookery / Coginio

Victoria Sandwich
4 Chocolate Eclairs
Jar of sweet or savoury jelly
1. Gerald Coles 1. Karen Bowen 1. John Thomas
2. Nia Davies 2. Karen Bowen 2. Mary Thomason
3. Jane Griffiths 3. Janet Jones
Bara Brith
6 Eggs
Jar of chutney / relish
1. Janet Jones 1. Ina Williams 1. Janet Jones
2. Janet Jones 2.LynnBushin 2. Janet Jones
3. Janet Jones 3. Allan Clifford 3. Janet Jones
4 Cheese Scones
Jar of fruit jam
Bottle of home-made wine
1. Janet Jones 1. Janet Jones 1.LynnBushin
2. Karen Bowen 2. Jane Griffiths 2.LynnBushin
3. Wendy Coles 3. Mary Thomason

Handicrafts / Crefftau

Hand-made greetings card
Any item of hand-made jewellery
Photograph of a local landmark
1.Christine Harrison 1. Julia Davies 1. Sophia Trigwell
2. Karen Bowen 2. Karen Bowen 2. Emyr Langley
3. Julia Davies 3. Emyr Langley
Knitted or crocheted scarf or hat
Any small item made from wood
1.Christine Harrison 1. Arwel (Cartrefi Redwood Homes)
2.Christine Harrison 2. Gerald Coles
3. Julia Davies 3. David Perry

Children / Plant

Nursery & Reception

Meithrin & Derbyn

Years 5 & 6

Bl 5 & 6

Age 11 to 16 Comprehensive

11 i 16 oed Uwchradd

Drawing or Painting – ‘My Favourite Animal
Photograph of an animal
Plate of 6 biscuits
1. Elinor Williams 1. Gwenny Radford 1. Lowri Davies
2. Elinor Williams 2. Gwenny Radford 2. Nia Davies
3. Gwenny Radford 3. Lowri Davies
Beaded or braided bracelet
Posy of wild flowers
1. Gwenny Radford 1. Sophia Trigwell
2. Gwenny Radford 2. Nia Davies
3. Gwenny Radford