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March 2017

New Faces
At the meeting on 16th January, our AGM, it was particularly pleasing to welcome three new members of the Community, Hannah Phipps, Louisa Lovell and Ian Chapman. All made offers to help this group to appeal more perhaps to younger members of our society, while widening the concept of our actions and activities.
Accordingly Hannah and Louisa have created a Facebook Community Page, which will be coordinated by them with current news and activities applicable to the area covered by Clecs Bro Cader. Useful comments should be directed to them directly.
Troed y Rhiw Chapel in Alltwalis
At last this decrepit eyesore has been in receipt of some maintenance. Its tired, broken window frames have been boarded up changing the whole appearance of this once lovely building in the centre of the community to one that is little cared for.
How a chapel of all places, even defunct and privately owned, can be permitted to get into such a state beggars belief. Doesn’t anyone care about the history of these places? Think of the efforts that the community made in 1784 to establish and build such a place and the subsequent rebuilds in 1833 and 1897 – what an indictment for modern society.
All credit to the Community Council for ensuring that the grass in the graveyard is regularly cut in summer; otherwise this would doubtless become an eyesore too.
Now I see there is a banner on the gates sating “Love My Wales”, this appears to be a charitable building preservation trust which aims to restore buildings with a historical significance. Well done to them for caring.
Uneven Road Surfaces
Surely sufficient time has elapsed for the Highways Department to address and repair the road surface adjacent to and below the Beehive Inn in Pencader. There are water problems beneath the surface of the road, but it is time the bumps and holes were sorted out once and for all.

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August 2016

Speed Humps for Class A Roads

The Highways (Road Humps) Regulations 1999 (Statutory Instrument 1999 No 1025) applies to both those in New Inn and Alltwalis, where the prescribed height may be between 25 mm  and 100 mm.

Being Imperial and old fashioned  I would prefer 1” to 4”.

The Ministry for Transport recommends the height of 75 mm or 3”, as in their opinion, these provide a similar reduction in speed but reduce discomfort.

The general advice given by the Department for Transport to Local Authorities is that road humps should not exceed 75mm or 3” imperial. They quote “Humps of this height minimise discomfort while maintaining their effectiveness as speed reducing measures.

Going into this at greater depth, one needs to refer to Local Transport Note (LTN)07/07 Traffic Calming. This apparently may be viewed at

The speed hump outside Ysgol Cae’r Felin Pencader should be considered as a separate issue as there is clearly a social reason for its presence.

Communications with the Traffic Management department of Carmarthenshire County Council are continuing.

Local Walks Booklet

The bilingual booklet produced by the History Club of eight local walks has much to commend it. The size, picture quality and choice of content/route are bound to appeal to all walkers and visitors, it is an excellent publication – congratulations and thanks to all involved in the production.

Litter Bins

This is a continuing saga and after a particularly bad spell of the Council  bin men not emptying them as directed, yours truly has yet again had to get involved with the County Council. .As a result it is urged that residents who happen to see full or unemptied bins should either contact the County Council  (01267234567)  and asking for Mr Mark Davies or Mr Huw Morgan (Network Services Manager) or by contacting myself, who will happily become motivated. Location of the bins and the day and time the problem was noted needs to be given. All bins should be emptied on Wednesdays or Thursdays, usually in the mornings.

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or Stuart Wilson Tel:  01559 384709

February 2016

So here we are – the start of another year and another Parish Pump, which to be perfectly frank I did not expect to write. Our thanks go to Dylan Davies for being public spirited and genuinely concerned about life without Clecs Bro Cader, he has agreed to take on the editorship for a period of time, despite having a heavy workload already. The old adage regarding busy people always willing to do more is very apt in this organisation.

Let me say how very, very relieved and extremely grateful we are to Dylan. There are but three other topics in this column:

i. The awful rain – I don’t need to say any more about this – we are all fed up with it.

ii. The way it has contributed to help ruin, in several places, the road surfaces in the area, thus damaging tyres and wheels when encountering a large pothole.

iii. Lastly, the fact that it would have been appreciated if more people had supported this Group’s AGM. Don’t complain about life in the area if you are not prepared to try and improve it. We meet every third Monday at the Pavilion at 7.30 pm and would heartily welcome new faces.

If it is not too late may I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

December 2015

It appears that this will be the final issue in this form since it has been impossible to replace our existing Editor. He will be greatly missed in that capacity having overseen several changes over the past three years, which have built upon the reputation of Clecs to make it what it has become today.

As your Chairman, I would sincerely thank all who have worked so hard over the years in producing Clecs six times a year. We have been so fortunate with our two Editors.

Thank you so much to Statkraft, without their funding these past four years things would have been very different. Wind turbines certainly do have some advantages, please note.

We are very grateful to our printers, who even deliver the finished article in boxes ready for the distributors.

Other persons or groups to thank must include the translators and of course the distributors – these do it for the love of it and for free; they are all very committed to our group success.

Thanks must go to the advertisers for their support over the years; the clever crossword compiler who has also generously provided the prize each time; the organisers of local events have all greatly contributed to Clecs’ undoubted success.

It is some reflection on the success of Clecs that having started with a print run of 300 way back in 2002, we are now producing 1200 copies to satisfy the demand – yet we cannot attract a replacement Editor!

For all those who use the internet, the website will be updated on a very regular basis so please look at if you have the facility.

I’ve said my piece. Thank you for your support and perhaps there will be a miracle or divine intervention will happen.


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The opinions expressed in this section are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Editor or Regeneration Group.

This Small Corner

If any one wants a copy of Steve Dubé’s book on the history of Pencader there are some available at Llwyngwen. Originally for sale at £9.99 they can now be purchased for £7.50. Ring Stuart if you wish to buy a copy.

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or Stuart Wilson – tel: 01559 384709

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