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Regeneration Group – Chairman’s Report 2016

2016 saw the arrival of a new Editor, albeit temporary, for the newsletter, initially for three issues but later extended to cover a whole year’s six issues. No doubt you will join me in thanking Dylan Davies for his effort and wish him success in the next phase of his career.

Both Clean Ups throughout the community of Pencader produced over 40 bags of litter and rubbish, the Council refuse collectors came and removed those larger items we could not manage. Without the help of our dedicated supporters this task would take at least a couple of days. The Autumn Saturday could have been better supported but much had been attended to beforehand by those who knew they would miss it.

At the Carnival (what a lovely afternoon that was) the Group had a stand selling over £80 worth of the Greetings Cards. Either officially or unofficially perhaps we could support their younger, new ongoing committee for this year.

The Garden and Craft Show was again a very smooth and efficient affair, despite Children’s entries being extremely few. An appeal will be made to the school for this year to encourage the children to enter. I did enquire of most entrants if cash prizes would appeal in the main classes; however the consensus of replies was that it would destroy the “Family Fun” image/principle of what is essentially a Parish Show, which I definitely accept.

Christmas Lights were judged as normal – through the rain! This year maintained the high standard of the previous year. Finally, my sincere thanks go to you all for your unending support, friendship and tolerance. May 2017 be an improvement on 2016.

Stuart Wilson     January 2017