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Regeneration Group meeting

Could you support us?

The Pencader and District Regeneration Group is keen to have more people supporting its activities.

The next meeting will be on Monday 19th June at 7:30 pm, in the Pavilion.

Please come along.


Our meetings take place on the THIRD Monday in the month in the Pavilion, Pencader, at 7:30pm.

November – With the establishment of an Editorial Committee the funding application for Clecs Bro Cader can proceed. It was agreed not to have coloured pages as it was too expensive. The website continues to be popular, with 2671 visitors to the site. After the meeting John Hubert gave a film show of Pencader and the surrounding area, taken with a drone camera. The images of the village, Hill Fort and Llanllwni Mountain were most impressive.

December – Accounts to accompany the Grant application had been sent to the Auditor. In his absence, Dylan was thanked for his Editorship of Clecs over the past year. The latest country to visit the website was Sri Lanka, the total number of visiting countries now increased to 121 each visitor looking at 2.5 pages on the site. Gerald & Wendy announced their retirement from the Group, after some twelve years. They will be greatly missed. The Christmas lights would be judged later in the month.

January – Three new visitors were welcomed, the AGM took place first and officers elected were;

Chairperson     Stuart Wilson

Vice Chairperson     Chris Fuller

Secretary/Acting Treasurer     Jane Griffiths

Chairman’s and Treasurer’s reports were given and the need for further fundraising was discussed together with ways to attract more supporters. At the general meeting that followed, changes to the newsletter were discussed, there will now only be four issues a year. The Grant application had been submitted for discussion at Statkraft’s February meeting. Advertising rates will be amended for advance bookings to reflect the change. More distributors are needed especially for Llanfihangel. One of the visitors offered to set up a Facebook page for Pencader to encourage younger residents to support the group and other activities. Certificates have been delivered for the Christmas Lights,

The Pencader and District Regeneration Group met on October 17th. It was decided to postpone a decision on further funding for the newsletter until the editorial position was clarified. The problem of limited space on the website had now been sorted. There had been 2838 visits in the last month, looking at 2.35 pages each time on average. Visitors came from 128 countries but 78% were from the UK. The entries to the Garden and Craft Show were lower this year especially from children. There was a need for more volunteers. The Clean Up had gone well with less rubbish than on previous occasions. It was understood that the Women’s Institute were still proceeding with plans for a defibrillator which may be located by the shop on the square in Pencader.

The Pencader and District Regeneration Group met on July 18th and were concerned to hear about the state of the road following the installation of the wind turbine at Wern. Arrangements were in hand for the Garden Competition and the Garden and Craft Show. Several of the Greetings Cards needed reprinting. The information panel area would be trimmed.

At its meeting in August the Group were informed that several articles for the newsletter had been held over as there was insufficient space. The number of pages might have to increase but this would affect the costs of postage. There were difficulties in uploading the issue onto the website due to a lack of memory space. Several old articles had had to be deleted. On average 13 people a day visited the website and looked at 5 pages each time.

The Garden Competition had been judged and certificates would be presented at the Show. The Women’s Institute had been successful in getting a defibrillator from the British Heart Foundation which would be located at the Pavilion, Pencader.

At its May meeting the Pencader and District Regeneration Group noted with sadness the death of Sally Ballamy, one of its members, and also that of Jane Billington who had judged at the Show. The Garden and Craft Show will be held on Saturday September 10th in the Pavilion. There had been a  number of complaints about the speed bumps in Alltwalis. The County were arranging an audit to see if they met official guidelines. Following complaints about rubbish bins not being emptied regularly, the County had instructed its staff to empty the bins every week irrespective of the amount of rubbish in them. The Women’s Institute had submitted an application for funding defibrillators to the Wind Farm Benefit Fund.

On June 20th the Group heard that there was no further news about the speed bumps. The website was still proving popular with 365 visits in a 24 hour period. The Garden and Craft show classes had now been decided. Group meetings may be rearranged to the first Wednesday in the month to accommodate another activity in the Pavilion.

At its meeting on March 21st the Pencader and District Regeneration Group heard that its financial management would be shared for the time being rather than having one Treasurer. The possibility of getting a grant to place a defibrillator in every village was still being discussed by the Women’s Institute. It was noted that the YFC had put one on the front wall of T L Thomas, Llanllwni.

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