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Mae croeso i chi bostio’ch ymholiad neu ddarparu gwybodaeth yma ond does dim gwasanaeth achau’r plwyf ar gael, ac allwn ni ddim gwarantu unrhyw ymateb.
Cofnodion y Plwyf yw ffynonellau da o wybodaeth, nawr yn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, Aberystwyth, a hefyd y Censws. Mae canlyniadau’r Censws o 1841 i 1911 ar gael ar-lein. Hefyd gall copïau’r rhai o 1841 i 1901 eu gweld yn Archifdy’r Sir, Richmond St, Caerfyrddin.


Feddau Hen Gapel


  1. Liz Shute

    Has anyone any information on Daniel Jones born 1820 in Llanfihangel ar Arth who was a tailor .He had at least 2 sons who were also tailors; Thomas born 1842 and Daniel born 1848.He also had a grandson and g grandson who became tailors. Diolch


    Hi – My fathers lineage has come to a stop at Llanfihangel ar arth. Thomas Thomas b 1791 married Sarah Jones b 1793 both of this parish. On the early census the farms of
    Penrhwlwyd and Clyn Garw were worked by the family. Do the farms exist today.
    I visited the village four years ago to research known facts, but the weather was against us. Every little helps.
    Kind regards
    Graham J Thomas

    • John Hubert

      Dear Graham,
      I have received this response from a friend and local historian.
      Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any record or memory of these two names. They do not exist now and two farmer friends who have lived here all their lives (one is in his mid 80s) have never heard of them. Furthermore they do not appear to be on the Tithe map of 1840 which is viewable on line.
      However an on line search found there was a place (?farm) called Penrhiwlwyd in the next parish ie Llanfihangel Rhos y Corn more than a 100 years ago and a field called Clyn Garw in the same parish. This can be confirmed by searching the periodicals that have been put on line by the National Library.
      I think this the best we can do for the time being.

      • Graham Thomas

        Hi John Hubert
        Sorry to be late with my reply – thank you for taking time to search for me. My research mainly through Ancestry and family Bible, also Dyfed FHS.
        My GGGGGrandfather Thomas Thomas 1791 is on the 1841 census for Llanfi ar arth. Maybe the farm was called Glyngarw not Clyngarw, difficult sometimes understanding the writing on the census
        The other farm Penrhwlwyd is also on the 1841 census being farmed by Isaac Lloyd 1786 and his daughter Mary married John the son of Thomas Thomas.
        Mary and John took over the farm and are there in the 1891 census.
        When things are normal I will visit again and also a trip to Aberystwyth Uni will be on my list

        • Gareth Evans

          Hi Graham, the farms no longer exist, unfortunately. The area in which they were located was sold to the Forestry Commission and the lands planted with conifer trees.

  3. John Ponberth

    My 3x great-grandfather Joshua Rees married Elinor Edwards October 1824 in Llandyssil. Their first 5 children were baptised in Llanfihangel-ar-Arth. Sometime between 1844 and 1851 Joshua and the surviving children moved to Talley.

    Elinor Rees died in 1844 age 42 and on her death certificate the place of death is given as, I believe, Dole Llan Lodge, in the Parish of Lanfihangel-ar-Arth. She was buried in Llandyssil. The Registrar made an error and put the informant details in the cause of death column and although crossed through he failed to enter cause of death and also, very unusually, the time of death is given as 10a.m.

    My question is what was this place? A private home or a ‘hospital’
    Thanks for any information you could offer

    • John Hubert

      I have just done a little checking online for anywhere called Dole-Llan Lodge and found that there is a large property called Dol Llan Mansion at SA44 4RL. This is in Llandysul but because it is on the Carmarthenshire side of the Teifi river it is in Llanfihangel ar Arth. Google maps shows the road as being called Morris Terrace, but this web site https://www.streetcheck.co.uk/postcode/sa444rl shows it is called Dol Llan Road. Some further research into the history of Dol Llan Mansion could be helpful.

  4. According to information compiled by my wife’s family, her great-great grandfather
    was Thomas J. Griffith, born September 15, 1815 in Pencader, Carmarthenshire, Wales.
    I searched the 1841 Wales Census and found seven men named Thomas Griffith born
    between 1812 and 1818. None were from Pencader.

    As far as I can tell, the parish has no information about births, deaths or
    marriages available online. Is there a physical address where I may send a query
    regarding Thomas’ ancestral records?

    Thank you.

    Greg Opp
    Hudson, Massachusetts

    • John Hubert

      Hi Greg
      I have posted your enquiry.
      There isn’t anyone locally who deals with research.
      This is the information given on the web site.

      You are free to post your enquiry or provide information here but there is no parish genealogy service available, and we cannot guarantee any response.
      Good sources of information are the Parish records, now in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, and the Census. The 1841 to 1911 censuses are available on line. Copies of the 1841 to 1901 censuses can also be viewed in the County Archives, Richmond St, Carmarthen.
      I am not sure that this information is currently correct.

  5. G Coles

    One of the 3 men who started the Sunday School in Gwyddgrug was Evan Jones of Y
    Berllan but he died before the chapel was built. His son, J.H.Jones of Linden House,
    Birkenhead, gave the land for the chapel and laid the foundation stone in 1889 as
    well as contributing to the building fund. After this we have no knowledge
    of the family which may or may not be the one in the enquiry.
    One of the organists for the chapel was a Miss M.H.Davies of Brynsaeson but
    exactly when we don’t know except to say that the organ was installed in
    1913 and she is the first name on the list of organists up to 1948.
    Hope this helps

  6. John Tanner


    I am interested in an Evan Jones, who was born in about 1883, and died in 1949 in Leicestershire. In his will he left £500 to Gwyddgrug Chapel, which suggested to us that he had roots there. He married a Mary Hannah Davies, who is a cousin of my wife Lettice, and they lived for much of their lives in the Midlands.

    We have so far been unable to find their marriage, which must have been in or after 1911, and before 1936. Does anyone know anything about this family please?


  7. Rosemary Kirkby

    My Grandfather’s name was David Davies Harries (born 10.1.1868)and his younger sister was Frances Janet Harries. They lived with an uncle (name unknown)in Pencader in about 1880 to 1884 when the two children left and walked to Carmarthen. I have a photo of a building in Pencader from 1909, and wonder if it is still in existence. It may be the school building. I wonder if there are any records of the school from the 1880′s? Would you be interested in receiving a copy of the photo? As I live in Australia, it isn’t possible for me to do any ‘on the ground’ searching, but I would love to hear from anyone who has any info from those days.
    Yours in hope
    Rosemary Kirkby (nee Harries)

  8. Sara Dayton

    Pencader School
    I’m trying to trace anyone who remembers Lizzie Morris, the head teacher of Pencader school. I think she retired in the 1950’s. She was married to Gormer Morris and lived in Gwyddgrug.
    Kind Regards

  9. Hannah Mitchell


    I was wondering if anybody had any information (or photos which would be amazing!) of Dryslwyn (formerly Pont-y-Bwlchog). We’ve recently bought it but, due to the circumstances, have no history of the house or its predecessor.
    Also my husband’s family lived in Bwlchog Isaf in the 1780’s and I’m trying to trace them – they became Griffiths when they settled on one surname instead of using the traditional method of taking the father’s name.
    Thank you any one who can give any information.


  10. Mary Beth Adams


    I am looking for a Linda Morgan who lived at Meurlin, Pencader in 2000. She is a distant cousin and I am hoping to contact her.

    I’ve been researching my Welsh family for many years. Her great grandmother, Jane Jones Lewis, would have been my grandfather’s first cousin and her 2nd great grandmother, Mary Roberts Jones Jenkins, was my great grandfather’s sister.

    I live in the United States. Would love to hear from her and share our family history!

    Mary Beth Adams nee’ Roberts

  11. Susan Davies

    I have been given this link to see if anyone can assist me?

    Have just recieved my Great Gran’s death(1929) certificate and states that she lived in Cross Inn Cottage Llanfihangle ar Arth, does this come under Pencader?
    I do know that my mam said that the family Kelman had a cotatage with a bit of land next to the railway.

    I would dearly love any photos or information on the family.
    I do not know when they moved to that address but would say had lived there for about 20 years or so.

    • John Radford

      I have looked in the 1911 census, and found a Mary Davies living on her own at CrossInn or Pwlldwr (Crossinn pond), widow age 73, born 1838 in Lletterwood, Montgomery, occupation Derlyntreth Pewyfol (not sure what the translation of this is)

  12. heather gregory nee jenkins

    Dear Sir/Madam.
    We are researching our family history
    My grandad Mr William Henry Jenkins with his wife Margaret Davies used to keep the Eagle Inn .
    We are trying to establish what date they moved in and also what date they left and the present people took over.
    Grandad William was born at PENRHIWGALED FARM near Newquay and his wife was born in Llangranog.both in 1873.
    We are also trying to establish when and where they were married..

    Any help would be appreciated
    Heather Gregory and Megan Jones both nee Jenkins

    • Lyn Evans

      Hello Heather,
      My grandfather Henry Jenkins was related to the Jenkins family that lived in the Eagle. He also visited the same family in Worcestershire after the 1st World War.I have most of the family records on my family tree. The Jankins’s can be traced back to the parish of Llanegwad and to the early 1700’s.
      If you want more info please contact

      • heather gregory

        Dear LYN EVANS,We are still researching the family tree of Jenkins.We have now got back to Jenkin Griffith of Altwallis who died in 1690.
        Can you throw any futhur lights Many Thanks. Heather and John GREGORY from Malvern

        • Richard Lewis

          Dear Heather
          We have just started researching our family tree. My grandfather was Thomas Jenkins born in 1879 and he was one of 8 siblings of whom the oldest was William Henry Jenkins born in 1873. We have only traced as far as William Henry (senior) born in 1844, so you have got much further! Would be interested to make contact if you have any information you could share. We plan to visit Oddingley soon to see the farm where Thomas worked and died.
          Richard Lewis

          • john gregory

            Dear Richard .
            Your request re the Jenkins family.
            Great grandad was william henryborn 29 feb 1844at Penygarn,LLanfihangel-ar-arth.,He died at Church farm Oddingley 1933..He married 10-11-1866 at LLangeler to Mary Williams she died 1927.
            Great great Grandad was John Jenkins born 12-4-1818at LLanegwad.Married Margaret Williams30-10-1839.
            He died 23-7-1879 and was buried at St Lukes Church. LLanlweni..
            We have seen the gravestone near the church door.

            Great great great grandad was Thomas Jenkins born 1776-8
            He married Maegaret Davies at ST Edgwads.LLanegwad27-9-1811.
            He died 26-6-1832 at Henfaes Frm LLanlweni

            They had 3 children Elizabeth who died young ,David and John

            We are researching again but slowly

            OUR E MAIL IS johngregory4146@btinternet,com if we can help anymore

            Yours Heather Gregory nee Jenkins and John Gregory

  13. Constance Glyde

    Lived in Pencader when I was a child. Am doing a family history research. Would like to know if there are any relatives buried in the Hen Gapel. Their surnames would be Joshua. I have retraced David and Dinah Joshua back to 1814, baptising their son John at Llanfihangel-ar-Arth in 1814. They would very possibly havel lived around Llangeler.I have my grandmother, at 6 years old living in Blaenwaun, Llangeler, with the rest of her family. Her father’s name was Thomas Joshua, who presumably was a farmer and also a tailor. Tailors, carpenters, living with their families on small-holdings seems to be a thread running through the history. Would you be able to help with some names.It would be very much appreciated.



    • Gerald Coles

      I am sorry but there are no head stones in the Hen Gapel graveyard with the surname Joshua.

      • People didn’t always have a headstone but that doesn’t mean they ar’nt there. Look up the parish clerk online and see if she can be of any help.

    • Sara Dayton

      Did you go to Pencader School? If so, do you remember Lizzie Morris, the head teacher, from Gwyddgrug?
      Kind Regards

    • Laura Campsie

      Hi Constance,
      I am currently living in a barn conversion, which my research shows was once part of a farm named Blaenwaun in Llangeler. This research has brought me to your post as you mention your grandmother living here. I wondered if you had any pictures of your grandmother’s time at the farm? I am desperate to see what it would have looked like in its original state.

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