View in Alltwalis in 2003

Alltwalis is situated along the A485, at the bottom of the hill that gave the village its name: Yr Allt Walis (Allt means a wooded slope). Economic activities in the village are mostly agricultural with sheep and dairy farming. Many of the inhabitants of Alltwalis work in the nearby town of Carmarthen.

The centre of the village is dominated by the Chapel (now closed) which was built in 1897 to replace an older chapel. Next to the Chapel is The Mason’s Arms, a friendly rural pub. Opposite the Chapel and the pub is the School. It was built in 1881 and was the community primary school until Summer 2003.

Another dominating building along the main road is Yr Hen Tollborth (The Old Tollhouse)which was built in the middle of the 19th century. From here tolls were collected from travellers and merchants who were on their way to the old market town of Carmarthen. Just south of the tollgate is a complex of three residential homes. These homes comprise the building that used to be a woollen mill, called ‘The Factory’. This mill was also built in the middle of the 19th century and conveniently placed at the Carmarthen side of the tollgate so that no tolls would need to be paid there.

Aerial view of Alltwalis village 2019

Aerial view of Alltwalis village


  1. Jools Owen

    I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking into Welsh (farming/buildings) history, in particular the history of a property called Fron (Farm) Alltwallis.
    Does anyone have any information please.

  2. John Evans-Pritchard

    The speed bumps are still there and making drivers, in order to safeguard the springs on their cars, to drive over them at NOT 30mph, but 10mph or less. That may safeguard the occupants of the village but still damages endless numbers of vehicles. The safeguard for the village should be a camera and a fine for those going over 30mph, not the relentless vehicle damage cause but the ridiculously high ramps. The council is responsible for this damage and should be sued for it.

  3. Gary Davies

    Are you referring to the old village hall? My grandmother used to take me there to play whist in years 1987-1992ish.

  4. Jan

    I wondered if anyone in Alltwalis had a photograph of the old Alltwalis factory before the building was turned into housing. An ancestor of mine had it as a woollen mill in the early 1900s.

  5. Robert Jervis

    You would have thought that they would have repaired the holes in the roads around the area before adding more bumps to damage our vehicles

  6. martyn whiteland

    I completely agree with you , I travel to the hospital every week, and know how uncomfortable they are. They, like the person whose idea it was, must be removed. how can we start to get them removed?

    • John Evans-Pritchard

      Totally agree, but they are still there, as aggressive as ever, so please repeat your plea for something to be done. I have had a mechanical fault on my car caused by one of the Alltwalis ramps. Each time I drive into Carmarthen I see either reduction of speed to 10,ps or less or vehicles bumping over the ramps and clearly damaging their suspensions.

  7. John Evans-Pritchard

    What idiot in the roads department of Carmarthenshire CC decided to install speed bumps at Alltwalis that cannot be safely driven over at more than 10mph, even though this is a 30mph zone? This is a major route from Lampeter and other towns and villages to the A&E facility at Carmarthen. Ambulances will also have to slow down to 10mph, significantly increasing the time needed to get seriously ill people to hospital.

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