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Large Crowd at Pencader - Local News 1956

Some pages from editions of the Carmarthen Journal from 1956 have been found in an empty house in Pencader.

Here are some pieces from them that relate to the village

Carmarthen Journal 6th July 1956

Whitehall Pencader sold

Carmarthen Journal 21st September 1956

Here is another sport item from the newspaper.

Association Football –CarmarthenTown “Riot of Scoring”

Carmarthen Town -

Carmarthen Journal 21st September 1956


Evans Motors Ltd – Advertisement

Evans Motors advertisement

Carmarthen Journal 21st September 1956

Here are links to some more ADVERTISEMENTS.

Cheap Rail Trips – Advertisement

Western Motors – Advertisement

Tom Tweed – Advertisement

Chivers Malt Vinegar – Advertisements

Here is a link to an article (PDF download).

“Was There a ‘Becca’?” by J. F. JONES, B.Sc.



Oil club

Hen Gapel Graves

It is proposed to move the gravestones in the Old Chapel Cemetery, Pencader, and re-site near the wall.

Some of the gravestones are unsafe in their present form, and are over 150 years old.

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