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  1. I am just wondering whether there are any other fiction writers in the area. I live in Dolgran and have recently published my first book and am looking for like-minded people in the area.

  2. Jools Owen

    I am trying to find out some information and history for a property and family in Alltwalis. The property was / is known as Fron (Farm), Alltwalis and the family name was Evans.
    Many thanks for any help on this.

  3. Matt


    Im looking for the history of Neuadd Lwyd in Dolgran.
    Year it was built, any very old photos, any interesting information.

    Thank you very much.

  4. Neilson Stirling

    Hello, I’m researching the history of my farm stationary engine which was supplied from Davies and sons of Glasgow House, Lampeter in December 1940 to (T?)J Evans of Blaenpant, The only Evans to match that description I can find is in Pencader which is relatively close to Lampeter. If anyone remembers this or knows someone who might then it would be really appreciated.
    Thank you.

  5. Marilyn Hurst

    Can you help
    We moved to Caeaugwynion, Pencader in 2019 and are trying to research it’s history especially the name of the Restaurant which operated during the 1980’s. Any photos would be welcome

  6. Hello there,

    I have been pointed in the direction of this page/ resource so hope you don’t mind me getting in touch.

    Do you or anyone you know live in the Brechfa Forest area????

    If so, please read on and get involved by completing a simple survey to access free creative workshops over the coming months.

    Arts Care Gofal Celf are thrilled to announce that we have received funding from Brechfa Forest West Wind Farm Fund in order to provide arts based activities for people living in the Brechfa Forest area over the next 6-9 months. We would really like the project to be guided by local people so your views really matter. If you would like to take part in free creative workshops, or if you are a professional artist living in Brechfa Forest, we would love to hear from you.
    One of our multi talented artists who lives in Brecha Forest will deliver some of the workshops which could range from all manner of textiles to woodcraft or nature inspired activities depending on what you might like. We have a number of artists who work with us who could deliver all sorts of creative workshops from creative writing to dance or yoga, drama, sculpture, printmaking and more. However, we would also like to engage any local professional artists who may want to get involved and deliver workshops.
    We would like this project to provide a positive splash of creativity at a time where COVID-19 is still challenging communities. The project could offer access to online workshop as well as face to face workshops in line with safety measures and guidance at the time, again we would love to know what would work best for you in order to access opportunities.
    We will soon announce a short series of taster sessions just to get you started in order to try a few different art forms and have yopu say on what else you might like. We would like any future workshops to meet your creative bucket list so please help us to provide workshops that will inspire and support wellbeing.
    Simply click on the link below and answer the questions to share your views.

    If you or anyone you know would prefer a PDF copy to print out please find one attached. Return to: Arts Care Gofal Celf, 24 King Street, Carmarthen, SA31 1BS. Or if you or anyone you know would prefer a hard copy of the survey posted out, then please just let us know.

    Welsh copies of the survey also available upon request.

    Please please share with anyone in the Brechfa area who might be interested 🙂

    BIG Thank you
    Project Coordinator at Arts Care Gofal Celf
    01267 243815 (leave a message)

  7. Barbara Evans

    I have found reference to an Evan Davies living at Powell Castle LLanfihangel ar arth on 1909. Has any one any information about Powell castle

  8. Barbara Evans

    Does anyone have any information about a place called Tanforest Llanfihangel ar Arth?
    In 1901 an Evans Davies lived there with his mother Elizabeth and he was a Wall Mason

  9. Barbara Evans

    I am currently doing some research for a friend and his great great Aunt Gwenllian Davies was the crossing keeper in 1911 she had held the position from 1902.
    Her addree in 1911 was Glanwelly Crossings Cottage.
    Do you have any information about her or a picture of the cottage

  10. Jill Morgan

    I am writing in relation to Steve Dube’s history of Pencader. There’s a chapter in the book about Evan Stephens and I’m wondering whether it would be possible to post that chapter on the People’s Collection Wales website:

    My interest lies in the fact that I sit on the UK Church History Committee for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [‘Mormon’/LDS church], and we’re keen to disseminate information about the history of the church, as it played an important part in Wales’ history in the 19th century. I see that Steve Dube’s book was published by Carms C.C. and I’m hoping you might be able to connect me to someone who could grant permission to post the chapter. The posting would of course be properly credited to Steve D./Carms CC.

    • John Hubert

      To Jill Morgan,
      In an attempt to obtain some official permission for your use of part of “This Small Corner”, efforts have been made to contact Steve Dube and the County Council but so far without success.
      The friend who has been working on it has told me…
      “So far I have had no luck with answering this query. I have contacted Councillor Linda but she must be too busy. We were also given Steve Dube’s contact details but he must have changed his email address as messages have bounced. Finally we found out that he is on the board of a community trust in Peebles where he now lives. We emailed them and asked for the message to be passed on but so far no reply. However they may not be looking at emails at the moment.
      As far as I can tell permission to reproduce part or all of a publication rests with the publishers, in this case Carmarthen County Council. I can only suggest this lady contacts the Council’s legal department in the absence of a definite answer. However unfortunately this is not the ideal time for non-urgent requests and it would not surprise me if any application was put to one side for the time being.
      Perhaps you could let her know that we have drawn a blank so far.”

      UPDATE 28th June 2020
      To Jill Morgan
      I am pleased to be able to tell you that we have now succeeded in contacting Steve Dube. He has confirmed that he holds the copyright to his book, “This Small Corner” and is happy to grant permission for the chapter on Evan Stephens to be posted to the People’s Collection Wales website.
      John Hubert



  12. John Ponberth

    Recently I posted details of my request for details of Dol-Llan Lodge and it showed on this site. I am on the site now, to look if I have had a reply and my original message is not there, why?

  13. carolyn butler

    Hi, i am looking to move into the Pencader area, but have a 16yr old, a 12yr old and a 8yr old, are there loval school buses running to the high schools in the surrounding areas please, as this would be a deciding factor in our move. with thanks

    • Elliott Coleman

      Hi Carolyn, There are buses that run to the high school in Llandysul and Newcastle Emlyn. Not sure about Carmarthen though.

  14. arthur philli[ps

    I am trying to obtain copies x3 of the historical walks booklet I found on your website. I run a walking group based in Llandeilo and wish to discover this area. I see there are 8 walks in the pamphlet and I am happy to pay for postage, or are they available in Pencader or other villages ?

    Thanks Arthur Phillips

  15. Sharon Phillips

    Does anyone have an information on the flour mill situated at the back of Ysgol Cae’r Felin please. Diolch

  16. John Hubert

    Hello Sharon,
    Your enquiry has been approved. I have contacted a friend in the Local History Club who will be of assistance. Others may also contact you.
    May I draw your attention to “This Small Corner”, Steve Dubé’s book on the history of Pencader. Originally for sale at £9.99 they can now be purchased for £7.50. Ring Stuart if you wish to buy a copy.
    Stuart Wilson – tel: 01559 384709

    JLH Webmaster

  17. Sharon Phillips

    I am working as a Schools Heritage Project Officer for Carmarthenshire and will be working with Ysgol Cae’r Felin. They want to concentrate on their local history and create a permanent display in their reception area. I wonder whether you have a member that would be happy to talk to me about the history of Pencader please?
    Diolch, Thank you


    trying to purchase a copy of your booklet LLANFIHANGEL AR ARTH to assist in a scale model of PENCADER STATION and yes I am aware that you have a model in your possession however this layout will be displayed around the country at model railway shows and details from photos in the book will be helpful.
    many thanks
    denis simmonds

  19. John Hubert

    Hello Carolyn,
    Your enquiry has been approved. I hope that someone with appropriate
    Information reads it and responds.
    JLH Webmaster

  20. Carolyn Hunt


    I have been/am in the process of researching the history of our house – Vicarage Farm, Llanfihangel-ar-Arth. I have quite a bit of information but lots of gaps; could you put me in touch with anyone in the area who might have more information, particularly regarding the earlier (i.e. pre-1800’s) ecclesiastical records for the church, please?

    Thank you very much,

    Carolyn Hunt.

    • John Hubert

      Hello Carolyn,
      Your enquiry has been approved. I hope that someone with appropriate
      Information reads it and responds.
      JLH Webmaster

  21. Shelley Cannell

    Dear Sirs

    My great grandfather lived in the annex at Windy Corner Garage in the 70s.
    He sadly dies in 1979. I am trying to find his grave. He is not registered in Carmarthen church. How do i find out if he is in St Mary’s? His name was Charles Gladstone Brialey.

    Many thanks

    • John Hubert

      Ms Evans, the Clerk to the Community Council has checked local records and “Found an entry for Charles Gladstone Brialey dated 13/09/79 in the register.
      He is buried in row R (grave30)and was 2nd in grave.
      Assuming that the row name won’t mean anything to you–please contact the Clerk who I am sure will assist.

  22. James Gibbin


    I was wondering if anyone could tell me who the owner/contractor/point of contact is for Alltwalis church.

  23. Ann Laws

    Hi , I wondered whether anyone could point me in the right direction. Do you know of anyone in Gwyddgrug that lived there during WWII that would remember the London evacuees who lived there? My father was one of the children and I am interested in finding out some of the info.
    Kind Regards, Ann Laws (Australia)

  24. D B Williams

    I am trying to trace the working history of Willie George Williams

    He was born in 1901 and was married in 1930

    He worked on a steam roller in Carmarthenshire. He worked away during the week living in a hut towed behind the roller returning to his home in Beulah on a motor bike

    He lived in Ty’r Ardd
    Plas Troed yr Aur
    New Castle Emlyn Carmarthenshire .

    I am his grandson.

    I know he worked in Brecon on one job/scheme.

    I wonder if he worked for a firm in Alltwallis

    • Chris Fuller

      Hello there.
      If you are referring to Mr Wilfred Williams, the answer is yes, he did operate from Alltwalis,
      his cottage is just down the A485 about a mile from here, he used to park his steam roller outside his cottage, with his living van. I f you access the Pencader website you will find an article ( Alltwalis steamroller) I found his roller at the Great Dorset Steam Fair a few years ago, It is still steaming following extensive restoration.

      We do have contact with the owners of his cottage, and there is documentary evidence of his lifr in Alltwalis.

      Good luck

  25. John Radford

    Hi Antony, I have seen lots of pictures of the station in Pencader, in all the pictures looking from the hill to the west of the station, that could show the back of the signal box, the box is hidden by large trees. I can see no reason to have windows on the back of the box.
    The gentleman who made the model came to Pencader in the 60s to get information to make the model, but I am not sure if the box was there then or not.
    There is a group in Cardiff who are also making a model of Pencader station, I will email you his email address, they may be able to help.
    John Radford

  26. antony coakley

    I am hoping to build a model of Pencader station in 0 gauge “7mm to the foot gauge”. I see the station has been made, would anyone have any old photos I could copy. I am starting on the signal box first. I have looked at the slide show of the model on this site and can see the signal box has rear windows, which I didn’t know because all the pictures I have looked at on the various sites just show the front and sides of the signal box.
    yours sincerely
    Antony C

  27. Lorna perry

    Hi. My father was born in Pencader in 1930 and lived in Penrhyw for 8 years. There was a small field attached to the house and he later went to Llandysul county Grammar school. I wonder if you can give me any information about the house and whether it’s still there and if there is any way I could get a photo of his grammar school year. He’s quite poorly and one thing that always perks him up is talking about his childhood. Thank you.

  28. Robert Williams

    Firstly may I congratulate you on this website, it is very interesting.

    I wonder if anyone could help me. I am researching my family tree and from checking various censues, birth certificates and marriage certificates I have found that my great great Grandparents lived and worked at the Beehive in Llanfihangel ar arth during the 1860, 70’s and 80’s, my Great Grandmother being born there. I would like to know the history of this public house during that period, including details of Inn Keepers, licensees or landlord details from that period.

    To your knowledge was there a Farmers Arms in Pencader during the same period and if so I am looking for the same sort of information

    Do you have someone who has knowledge of the requested information or would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for me to find such information myself?

    Kind regards

    Rob Williams

  29. I have some old photos of Wilfred Williams from Alltwalis , he used to own the Fowler road roller featured in one of your articles.
    Wilfred was my great uncle.
    My father brother and myself have driven Evening Star.
    It was sold to a chap called David Webster from Ludlow in South Shropshire.
    At the moment I cannot send the photographs to your site due to some technical problem.
    Mike Watkins.

    • John Radford

      Hi Mike, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, if you email the picture to me, I can put it on the site with the info you have given.
      John Radford

  30. David Stephens

    Dear Janet,
    I also am descended from the same Stephens line, My Great X 3 grandfather was Daniel Daniel Stephens of Blaen Pant and Ann Phillips Alltfechan. In my research I have found 13 children, which includes Daniel Daniel Stephens born 1797 who died aged abt. 7 yrs old, and David Daniel Stephens born 1808 became the new Daniel of the family.
    It is interesting to note that David Daniel and his brother Thomas Daniel Stephens
    both appear on the 1891 census,living together, widowers, Daniel being an Anglican, Thomas an Independent, one being buried at Hen Capel, and the other at Llanfihangel-ar-Arth Church, it shows the diversity of religion within the family. especially when you include the Mormons.
    Thomas & Daniel’s birth dates taken from the headstones and do not conform exactly with those published on the Mormon websites, the reason is probably because they relied on their memories to record, whilst the actual registers etc remained in Wales.
    To have a family naming all their second names as Daniel can confuse matters, but I also have five generations of all fathers being a Daniel Stephens, and a few second marriages makes things even worse !
    Best Wishes
    David Stephens

  31. Chloe price

    Good morning all,
    I have been looking into moving to pencader with my family I have 2 sons the eldest is 11 and youngest is 3 and would like to find out more about schooling in your area I notice you have primary schools but my eldest would have to go to Lampeter for secondary school is this correct?
    If so are there any school buses that run from pencader to Lampeter school and are all the schools Welsh speaking? Sadly we do not speak Welsh but are very willing to learn.
    Thank you

  32. Alison Doutch

    Dear Janet

    John Hubert has passed a copy of your enquiry to us. We have lived at Pantybwdran Mawr (mawr meaning large as opposed to our neighbour who lives at Pantybwdran Bach, meaning small).
    We bought the property three and a half years ago at which time it has been renovated and extended by the previous owners.
    It is a smallholding with ten acres. At the time the young couple who did the property up, bought it, there was about 30 acres.
    It is a lovely property with views right across the valley. As I understand it, this house has been a farm for a very long time whereas the neighbouring property was built on the site of a saw mill some years ago. Whether that has any connection with the flour mill I don’t know

    If you can let me have your email address I will send you some photos. I don’t seem to be able to attach them doing this through the village website. It is very interesting to discover some of the history to our property

    Best wishes

  33. Janet Bowie

    John, Thank you for the wonderful picture. I read the “Memories of Pentre Draw” on this website and the writer says,”….Next you come to a ruin of a cottage where the conductor of the famous Mormon Children’s Choir was born. The family emigrated to America. There are a few hymns that he composed in their hymn book”.

    I thought it might be of interest to your readers that in my Gr grandfathers history, this was written (William ended up a rancher in Idaho)….”Evan Stephens and William Jones paled around growing up in Pencader. Evan and William frequently attended singing practice. Evan always carried a copy of a hymnbook under his arm. William’s mother, Mary Jones, said she was a fine alto singer once and Evan Stephens agreed. After coming to the United States she gave it up. She said her voice was “cracked”. Evans Stephens later became the noted leader of the Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir and wrote the music and text for several hymns in the hymnbook. At ten years of age, William was hired out to a man who had a flour mill near his home at Pantybwdran. He had to get up in the morning at four o’clock and do all of the chores, such as, cleaning the cow and horse stalls by candlelight before going to breakfast. At the mill, he watched men carrying bags containing several bushels of barley or oats up the stairs. One day he observed a woman perform the same feat and decided to try the same stunt. But he was prevented from doing so by the mill owner.”
    Mary’s brother, David Jones ended up marrying Mary Stephens one of Evan Stephens sisters after they came to the United States.
    Thank you again John for everything.

    • William Maldwyn Stephens

      My grandfather was Evan Stephens’ first cousin. My grandfather and Evan Stephens’fathers were two brothers. David Phillips Stephens and Thomas Daniel Stephens. I live in a town about twelve miles from Pencader, called Carmarthen in west Wales.

  34. Janet Bowie

    My great grandfather, William Jones, born in 1857, says he was born on a farm, PPanty Budryn, Pencader, Carmarthenshire. Is that farm still there?
    Thank you,
    Janet Jones Bowie

    • John Hubert

      Yes, Pantybwdran Fawr as it is now called is on the hillside above Pencader village at SA39 9AN. In 1974 it was the home of the Thomas family.


    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would be most grateful if you could tell me if the school renovated on the Restoration Man programme is the primary in New Inn Pencader or not please.
    Thank you
    Yours Faithfully

    Mrs Barboteau

    • John Hubert

      Mrs Barboteau,
      The school featured in The Restoration Man episode was the old Primary School in Pencader village. The school at New Inn is a different building about 3 miles away. New Inn is referred to a New Inn, Pencader because Pencader was the postal hub for the area.

  36. Anita Evans

    I put your question to our Community Council on Tuesday night,and the general opinion is that our Council can’t really comment on this matter.
    The County Council is selling the school.


    S.Anita Evans(Clerk).

  37. Tim Fisher

    Hi I am interested in buying the old school at New Inn.I would like to keep it as original as possible on the outside. Would the community around the village object to this. Thanks Tim.

  38. John Hubert

    There is a cemetery in Pencader, but also graveyards at the local churches. I have approved your message so that anyone with more information can answer.

  39. David Michael Jones

    I hope you can help me in a family search if someone died in Pencader in 1968 where would they be buried

    • Jane Griffiths

      As long as you have the name of the person and the area they lived you could try contacting the local undertakers, they have all been in business here for many years and see if any of them remember.

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