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I am currently researching a degree about evacuation and education in Carmathen and Glamorgan and have come across a reference in the Carmarthen Archives about a group of children evacuated to Pencader between 1940-1944. Many of them lived in a hostel called The Beeches and went to school at Tabernacle Vestry. Others lived at the local public house. I wonder if anyone has any recollections of this. I am particularly interested in The Beeches because it was unusual for so many evacuees to be living in one place for such a long period.

Many thanks
Mary-Lyn Jones

Ar hyn o bryd rwy’n gwneud ymchwil gradd am fudo ac addysg yng Nghaerfyrddin a Morgannwg ac wedi dod ar draws cyfeiriad yn Archifau Caerfyrddin am grŵp o blant a gafodd eu mudo i Bencader rhwng 1940-44. Bu llawer ohonynt yn byw mewn hostel o’r enw The Beeches ac aeth i ysgol yn festri Tabernacl. Bu eraill yn byw mewn tafarn lleol. Tybed a oes unrhyw gofion gan unrhyw un am hyn. Mae diddordeb gen i’n arbennig yn the Beeches achos roedd hi’n anarferol i gymaint o faciwis fyw mewn un lle am y fath adeg hir.

Diolch yn fawr

Mary-Lyn Jones





Large Crowd at Pencader - Local News 1956


  1. William Andrews

    Hello, very briefly at this stage, my brother Ted and I were evacuated from Liverpool to Pencader and we stayed in a hostel there. I have some information which I think would be of interest to you, including a DVD which I made. If you contact me, Ted and I would be happy to tell you about our experiences.

    • John Hubert

      Hello Mr Andrews,
      Thank you for your message on the Pencader web site. There are many people here and with connections to Pencader who I am sure would be most interested in your information. I will contact the Local History Club to draw attention to your message.
      We would be happy to add an account of your recollections to the web site under our History – Memories section. Please send your material to pencaderweb@f2s.com. It would be good to hear more about the DVD.
      With regards

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