Emails with the Secretary from David Stewart

Dear Mrs Griffiths,

In the 1980s I ran a model railway club in my school, and the boys decided that they would like to model Pencader. As a result, we put a notice in the village Post Office asking for anyone with photographs of the station to contact us, visited the village and spoke to all those who had replied. A lady who lived on the castle side of the station site at the time was from the family who had had the refreshment room at the station and was most helpful. When a retired architect, Mr Peter Blair, asked for help for his model, we supplied all the information which we had, and later I became a friend and fellow modeller with him. He made a model of the station and village, and after his death his widow told me that she had contacted the authorities in the village and offered his model. She said that it was to be included in a museum of the village’s history which was to be put in the Old Chapel (Hen Chapel). Could you tell me if this ever actually took place? I am particularly interested since to help Peter I contributed a model building to his layout. As the building concerned was a model of the chapel, it was fascinating to think that my model was to be inside itself, so to speak. It has been such a lovely idea that I have never wanted to test it out, but as I am now starting a new model of Pencader and Henllan, the time has come to bite the bullet and ask what happened.


David Stewart

Do the little thing
St David


Hello David

You do not say where you are from or to which school you referred, but thank you anyway for getting in touch.

The model railway is housed in a room at Yr Hen Gapel. I have seen it and taken photos of it when I took a nonagenarian born in the village to see it. . It is said that the organisers are waiting for a Perspex cover to fit the layout before it can be put on permanent display. At the moment a volunteer lets people in by prior arrangement.and I have forwarded your email onto him.

Hope this helps

Jane Griffiths


Thank you very much, Jane.

I live in Winsford in Cheshire, though my maternal grandfather was from Dihewid, my parents retired to Aberaeron, my aunt was Chief Nursing Officer for Carmarthen and Cardiganshire, and uncles retired to Penrhiwllan and Llandysul. I, therefore, know the whole of the area well, but have not been through Pencader since my father died in Glangwili six years ago. My school at the time was St Edward’s College in Liverpool. My mother translated our appeal for photographs into Welsh for the Post Office, but when we visited we were told that everyone read the English, as my mother’s Welsh was “proper Welsh” (she was trained as a teacher at Barry Training College). A nonagenarian from Swansea got in touch with us when we made our appeal and drew us a wonderful map-sketch of the station as he remembered it from playing on it before the Great War. I am delighted that the railway is still in being. If your volunteer gets in touch I shall ask if they want help in constructing a cover.

With best wishes,

David Stewart