Message From The Editor

The sun shine and warmer weather plus the clocks going forward are encouraging us all to get out and about a bit more, even if we still have to be a bit careful.

It is really positive to see several new events being advertised in this issue.  The various organisers spend a lot of time, money and effort to set these events up, so it is up to the community to support them.

Particularly suffering are the community groups like Regeneration Group and Pencader Improvement & Development Group (PIDA) and who meet regularly but only have about 4 or 5 people turning up.  These groups exist to improve our Parish and to encourage residents to come along and say what they would like to see happening in the villages – and give their support for any activities that are planned.

It is no good sitting back and saying there is nothing to do if people don’t join in with ideas and help.  There are many new residents in the area now and it would be so nice if they came and showed support for the community where they have chosen to make their home and join in with activities.

The Regeneration Group meet on 3rd Monday of the month usually, but because of Easter, their next meeting is Monday 25th April at 5:30 at the Pavilion.

PIDA meet up on the second Wednesday of the month at Pavilion at 7:30 so their next meeting will be 13th April.  Other groups have details of their next meetings in their reports in this issue of Clecs.

You can be assured of a very warm welcome.