Message from Cllr Linda Evans

Following months of closure, by now many holiday and leisure businesses are opening their doors once again, staff returning to work, daily pattern of life changes within families and everyone trying to find some normality. Yes, we are all looking for the new normal.

Through the next uncertain period we should all appreciate what’s important and how valuable it is to share time with family and friends. Being apart has affected every one of us – although we may not be prepared to admit it at times. Although technology has provided some of us with the ability to see each other there is nothing like the companionship and friendship between family and friends.

By this time of year many of us would have made plans for our annual Summer holidays and the weekends within in out calendars would include many activities such as Carnivals, Sport Days, Festivals and Shows just to name a few – for this year again the calendars will be emptier than usual.

Yes, the pandemic kept us apart – together we can see the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer.

Remember you are welcome to contact me any time.

Take care all!



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