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If you have any kind of problem with a using a footpath in the Llanfihangel-ar-Arth area please report it to the County Council.


All complaints or information relating to Maintenance works on the Carmarthenshire’s Footpaths and Bridleways should now be sent to

 Any legal issues should now be sent to

 And any issues relating to Pavements, Byways, Highways or Unclassified roads should be sent to the Environment Department:

 To find out the number of the Rights of Way concerned you can look them up on the Council website My Nearest Public Rights of Way

Then find the rights of way you had a problem with on the map – click on it and it will give you the number.


Ramblers Association – Public Rights of Way

Protecting our pathways

More information on Footpath Law

Report Path or Access Land problem–  Pathwatch – report path features and problems

Natural Resources Wales

Tŷ Cambria 29 Newport Road Cardiff CF24 0TP


  General enquiries: 0300 065 3000 (Mon-Fri, 8am – 6pm)




  1. John Hubert

    Phil Emmett

    Hi, I was walking with a group of ramblers in the Pencader area and we found that our OS footpath had been blocked off. The path is a lane a few hundred yards west of Pencader once you go over the road bridge across the river and you bear right down a track just before the church. The track takes you down to a water treatment area and the OS marked footpath should have been just off to the left taking you up the hill overlooking the path of the river and heading towards the disused railway. It took my party about 2 hours to cross many obstacles trying to find the path. We found it where it joins the further western public footpath (no doubt croosing across fields we were not meant to. Then further towards the old railway line we had to navigate the path which had no yellow footpath signs so we were not sure whether we were on private land.
    Is there an explanation or could you please tell me how i can take this matter further thereby saving other ramblers from having to circumvent a frustratingly blocked off public footpath.
    Phil Emmett

    • John Hubert

      John Hubert

      In reply to Phil Emmett.
      Dear Phil,
      Thank you for your message on our Pencader web site about the problems of trying to walk our Rights of Way. I am ‘approving’ your message so that it appears on the web site. The situation regarding access to the countryside in this parish is dire, mainly due to the County Council failing to carry out any footpath maintenance or enforcement of the opening of lost routes, such as the one you tried to follow.
      I will draw this to the attention of County Ranger, Jason Lawday to whom you could also make a request for the latest information.
      Warm regards
      John Hubert

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