Gwyddgrug – 2003

Gwyddgrug is a small village situated on the A485, the original Roman road. Approaching Gwyddgrug from the south there is a steep slope down into the village and the road makes a sharp turn. Originally the Roman road went straight on but is now only a narrow path. In the middle ages Gwyddgrug formed part of the lands of Talley Abbey and subsequently became the Grange of Gwyddgrug. The common lands of the Grange were among the last to be enclosed in 1872. In the 1890s there was a woollen mill in the village.There are a number of houses along the main road. The village contains a Welsh Independent Chapel built in 1890 which continues to be used regularly. The village is surrounded by farms and agriculture is the main employment in the area.

Aerial views of Gwyddgrug 2020

Main part of the village