This contribution came from Mr John Evans June 20th 2013 

Having lived in Pencader for over 10 years I consider myself a Pencaderite, in fact I insist on it. It has left an everlasting affection for my “HOME” of Pencader, although I was born in Llanelli.

I believe my family moved there in 1929/30 and left in 1939/40 moving to Pwll, Llanelli. My Father was the policeman of the village and district, and from what I learned in later years, was very well liked, a disciplinarian, but very fair. No problems of any kind that I can remember, doors left unlocked at all times, everyone helped one another and a very happy village. I have visited Pencader about 3 times since then over 73 years ago and I am now 86. I saw many changes and was saddened to see the demise of the station, my school now a relic, but there, it’s progress. The Police Station was on the Gwyddgrug road first on the right, and is now a hairdresser salon.

I was one of 5 children Gerald, Mary, Daphne and Keri. During the 2nd world war my mother had a concert group, mainly girls and performed wonderful singing and dance routines for the village and surrounding, and gave concerts and a few shillings to any of our servicemen home on leave. which was always appreciated by them and us. There you go only by chance that I am doing this, but I have enjoyed it greatly. We were a singing family and caused havoc in all the eisteddfodau.


John Evans